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Self so ellison was really forward thinking here this is nineteen ninety eight when software as the service really hadn't become a thing yet so goldberg followed ellison's advice any launched a company out of san mateo california toward the end of nineteen ninety eight and he called it net ledger and he also took some of ellison's money actually a lot of it alternately more than one hundred hundred million dollars of it so larry ellison was a major stakeholder in this private company after making that large start up investment and a couple of subsequent investments goldberg gathered at team and built an accounting software solution that had a web based interface and it was ready to go in early nineteen ninety nine the starting price for using it when it first launched was four dollars and ninety five cents per month so and you figure that out that's you know around sixty dollars a year sit for sixty dollars a year you could have access to this accounting software win the actual if you wanted to out and buy like an enterprise level accounting software kit in might cost hundreds of dollars so for some companies this would make a whole lot of sense now the early net ledger application started to leverage oracle's database technology that was one of the parts of the deal that was made early on another sign that the two companies were rather tightly coupled at that point the company announced it was working on additional features right out of the gate so even when they were launching this accounting software they said hey this is not the only thing that we're ever going to offer we're going to include other features and they're all going to be integrated together so it's not just that we're going to have a software kit for one aspect of your business or another we're going to have an integrated approach of solutions so they'll work with each other this was looking at another problem that companies were having which was that you would typically get one type of software to handle one part of your businesses operations like accounting.

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