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Facilitated dozens of departures in recent days of Americans and green card holders from the airport in Kabul and via overland routes. Michele Kelemen. NPR NEWS Washington The National Hurricane Center says Tropical Storm Nicholas will likely cause flooding along the Gulf coast of Texas and Louisiana over the next couple of days. The storm is expected to make landfall later today. 8 to 16 inches of rain are forecast along coastal areas of Texas. 5 to 10. Inches of rain are expected in southwest Louisiana. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is urging residents to be aware of hazardous conditions. Public works will be positioning barricades throughout the city of Houston and low lying spots. Don't go around the barricades don't drive through water. Currently, Nicholas has top sustained winds of 60 MPH forecasters say it's likely to get stronger before coming ashore. The largest dairy farm in New Jersey, is still trying to recover from a tornado spawned by the remnants of Hurricane Ida Kenneth Burns with member station W H Y Y has more As remnants of Hurricane Ida passed through the region will across farms was right along with tornadoes 13 Mile path. Those working at the farm continued to milk cows as they clean up after the storm. Eric ECUs, The Farms vice president says he is trying to find contractors to replace buildings that were flattened or severely damaged. We don't know how we're going to be able to rebuild at the moment where Working on that funds are going to be the one of the biggest challenges while a crest farms has set up a go fund me campaign to raise funds to rebuild for NPR news. I'm Kenneth Burns in Malacca Hill, New Jersey. Crews continue to battle multiple wildfires in California south of Lake Tahoe. The cow door fire is now about two thirds contained in southern California wildfire that broke out Saturday in Los Angeles County shut down lanes of Interstate five for hours as air tankers drop fire retardant on the flames. That fire is more than 60% contained. This is NPR news from Washington. A typhoon approaching. Mainland China is grounding airline flights and halting train service in Shanghai. Local media say all flights remain suspended at Shanghai's two airports. The storm is expected to move over eastern China before heading to South Korea and Japan. The head of the UN's nuclear watchdog, says he's pleased that Iran has agreed to allow international inspectors to install new memory cards on surveillance cameras at Tehran's nuclear sites. The announcement comes as Iran continues to enrich small amounts of uranium two near weapons grade purity has the country's stockpiles continue to expand. The mayor of Paris, says she's running for president in next year's French election. Here's NPR's Eleanor Beardsley that's a candidate president's public process. Dodo announced her candidacy Sunday. She's by far the most popular socialist politician in France. The party split apart five years ago when Emmanuel Macron one following Socialist President Francois Hollande's unsuccessful term. Far right party leader Marine Le Pen is running a second time for president and mainstream conservative and head of the Paris region. Valerie Pecresse recently announced her candidacy. Though she must first win her party's primary. The daughter of Spanish immigrants Paris Mayor Hidalgo came to France at the age of two. She's a successful product of the French.

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