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Andrew instant hoboken aaron the nfl kneeling is my topic and i was opposed to it for a different reason that people don't really bring up is that they didn't they would kneel against police brutality but they wouldn't neil against black on black violence in chicago and elsewhere this memorial day weekend the cops in chicago are going to have to keep updating how many people died in shootings black young black kids shooting each other fourth of july weekend last year they were hundred black on black shootings in chicago alone and some people are in critical condition couple of days later so update and the out of wedlock to that the democrats 'cause government dependency and out of wedlock which is more damaging not having the follower in the home and they see the results in chicago in the inner city so they actually do more damage so the players don't talk about that many of them live the life of course not they just want to take a stand against nationalism that's what it really is about at the end of the day it's not about it's a total hypocrisy obviously we there's there's no logic there's no arguing with the with the crowd of regressive aka progressives because they are total hypocrites so instead we need to out them for who they are and that is anti nationalist anything that stands for nationalism for borders four border security for every things against internationalism that's really what this is all about and actually look at the free market it's working and you don't see too many players anymore doing that you see you many more people siding with donald trump and really siding with america because not standing for the national anthem is totally not anti patriotic it's antiamerican now of course anti patriotic anti american are one and the same you would think but it's even deeper than that and that that cuts to the heart of what the media doesn't want us to talk about they want us just as the players in the nfl want us to be focused and hillary they want us to be divided they want us to focus on micro campaigning on a micro targeting on turning not just races against each other but now sexes against each other women versus men men versus women who thrives off of that the.

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