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On your major area Bridges. No reported problems taking the Selman or the Veterans Expressways Traffic up to speed on us, 19 and US 301 Samantha Canning news radio w F L A warming up quickly out. There are lots of blue sky are high today 74 degrees, which is exactly average for early December and that low humidity keeps it comfortable. It is certainly going to cool down a lot slower tonight will drop down to about 59 degrees overnight with extra clouds and we'll keep mostly cloudy skies in the forecast for tomorrow. Only a 20% rain chance late in the day ahead of a cold front early Saturday morning. Tomorrow's high is up to 77 degrees. If you're out of the water today, east winds at 10 to 15 knots my Max, if integrate meteorologist Li Span You're listening to Rush Limbaugh on news radio telling you F L A Thies Workers, a Fortune 500 technology executive and was CEO of the first Internet radio network. He's a digital political strategist, helping the right side use new technology more effectively. He's a public speaker sitting in for Rush Limbaugh today, Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Todd Herman. It is always an incredible.

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