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Hey, guys, brand new podcast. And we are in the magic hours of sobre ctober, the magic hours baby think the twilight hours right hours when the sunset and you can drink. That's the magic. Oh martini. We're in our MARTINI shot that's meant to say, teeny shot MARTINI shot. That's Magnon a-. No. It's actually I don't know if I'm gonna start drinking. Tomorrow. That's so funny. You know, what I was today thinking I wish he wouldn't start drinking again. I'm definitely doing it. I fucking. I think you finally gotten kinda settled in the beginning. I think you were of it. Rocky emotionally, you've kind of settled emotionally. So is nice when you're settled feel settled right now feel very subtle right now. I know we shouldn't go to the improv like to go work out all night. We're still in the fuck and the weight loss challenge challenges been fun. It's been a little stressful. A lot more stressful than I ever imagined it to be big. Did you lose weight in your head lose weight? My head. Does you really wait everywhere? I don't know how much lost weight. But I think my measurements. I think I'm guessing them bleed. We haven't measured technically. But we've ballpark it. And I'm roughly a couple inches smaller than I was who's we may halston. I guess technically. I know we're not sure I'm not sure I'm gonna way myself tomorrow. I just put that on Instagram you want to check out my measurements. I'll read them to halston. You still have them. My measurements were my here. I weighed two hundred forty six pounds when this started. My chest was at forty nine. That's crossed the nipples forty-nine inches stomach around. The belly button was forty seven inches waste forty four. Biceps sixteen twenty six inches and calf fifteen inches. Yeah. I would I would do this. I liked last year's better with. Hi, doing hot yoga, so funny. I just said that today on the podcast morning for us. Robbery. It was less comfortable. Fall for you. This has been really stressful because it's been a little bit all consuming..

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