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One new port Richey ninety four point five scene three one oh five point nine ten W. X. T. B. ninety seven point nine HD to clear water nine seventy WFLA and online at WFLA news dot com important bird our top story at three o'clock five short finned pilot whales that stranded themselves at Reddington beach this morning are getting help from marine biologists three are being taken out into deeper water to be released to others will get a stop at a tarpon springs pool run by Clearwater marine aquarium no marine mammal specialist Jessica Powell says these creatures were almost a ton for animals that we have granted are between thirteen and fourteen feet we think those animals are adults we also have one smaller animal that's about ten feet long and we think that animal is the thought that or a juvenile the wheels were discovered early Monday morning near Gulf Boulevard and one hundred sixty first coming up Florida's Attorney General says no to assault weapons referendum from the former social credit union auto loans traffic center so far were pretty good shape in Pinellas county we do have one accident that may slow you down heading west on Turner street at highland Avenue were seen southbound delays on highland as well other than that we're looking good across the bay area bridges no delays getting to either side of the bay authorities are clearing a crashing south on I. seventy five near Gibsonton as well as northbound bridge finance Boulevard at the county line road area no reported problems on my for just a brief delays westbound approaching the interchange in Tampa page Carrera newsradio WFLA the forecast to thirty percent rain chance through the afternoon going from around ninety two to seventy seven tonight.

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