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Gladys Knight's from love for the national anthem. She's saying. Oh, yeah. Amazing. She looks beautiful and she's strong. She was greatness. And you know to all of the people that was talking about what what about the boycott of the NFL. What boycott, you know, this is called artist not to perform, you know? I'll just been a proponent of this. If we go boycott, let's get organizer about know what the purpose and the Tonys. I didn't get met. People mad at Gladys was singing the national anthem. I didn't get that. He's the reason they even on my wife's page. They will make comments after we posted a Super Bowl that we were gay. What happened to y'all not supposed to be going to the game is supporting to get over war? When it does come from because none of them meet dog. I don't understand what people come. We supposed to be short support for Colin Kaepernick, I want. Everybody to understand something. None of the players are kneeling anymore. At the national anthem because the president came in and changed in narrative was he dead wrong. Absolutely. Absolutely. He was wrong. But guess what all the players was that the NFL honors all the players that was supposed to beat at were actor Super Bowl. Well, not all of them. That was supposed to be this. Saints was supposed to be there. But. But everybody came to the game. So I don't know where this cry from the disorganized mass is not even the masses. But this small group of people who are very disorganized who mad at people for going to the Super Bowl. I I didn't understand that. Wow. Well, I mean, Colin Kaepernick still has his 'cause he's still stands up for what he believes then. But he's also moved on in a sense that he's with Nike now, he's doing you know, other things. So I mean, the cause is still there, of course. I mean that calls was long before Colin captain. Yeah. We've been fighting this calls for long term he bought attention to it in the NFL players joined it, but they saw what had happened. So instead of ruining all of their lives with this ill-fated. Protests that they've changed narrative all the brothers decided to go about a different way. So they standing for the national anthem now. And we just have to tackle it another way because mainly the president jumped on it and made is a political calls of here's. Yeah. And change the narrative, and so that's what I didn't understand wasn't good. Haven't been through is. The reason you have a halftime show with black people got to do with Gladys Gladys halftime what you were there for the halftime. How was that? I was that with maroon seems crazy that that that boy? Isn't a Adam LeVine. That's that's a bad. Boy. Yeah. Yeah. One of the two thousand tattoos or the three thousand tents. I five hundred. After the game. Screamed when he took his shirt off big boy Travis Scott. Yes. So that was it for the halftime. Yeah. I'm glad you liked that Steve. I it seemed fun watching them set the stage and get rid of it. Yeah. All right. We'll come back. Reverend Motown deacon def jam in the building right after this. You're listening to the Steve Harvey.

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