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Next thing you can pick up the yeah anke game after words but there's a chance of the gains already been decided like i said the yankees never played quick games blood if the need game roles till after ten anke started aide youngest could be up seven or eight the one by then or they could be down seven or eight to one and you could have missed the most important action of the game what do you do d train move get tickets these say to your best body nick met jet van and door max van let's you wanna go facevalue done and just sit home and watch the yankees because there's a little difference between danes seven of a league championship series and the first game of the season in which the next to probably gonna win around thirty games i know it's opening night but i'd rather be there for potential closing night or the leading into the world series if there's somebody out there i got 45 minutes left if there's someone out there who has tickets free tonight's nick game did you contemplate moving them have you move the did you have tickets to tonight's game and said moon you know there could be a game seven did you set up a contingency planned whereby you could give them sell them to someone to you you don't want just seem go to waste what did you say no the yankees game has got more grabby ties the knicks opener how did you handle what i'd love to hear from somebody who was faced by that situation eight seven seven three three seven six six six six we get scott from dick's up dick sales up here before a break eight category how are you gonna award i i don't i don't think they're they're the balance is difficult to see you were just talking about prepare you off of being at a net game and having a nick uh come up with victory are opening night i don't think quite period off his voice should be able to here yankees weighing uh very game and and more include a world series medstyle look at it and uh i did what it what i wanted to ask.

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