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Ww DC and data. Season is upon us every year. I, <hes> I, him in Haw, and I always install all the Betas usually. We don't cover them a lot. Until <hes> the we're closer to release, but because of this year that changes are so significant, and people are just so interested in the stuff that <hes> Steven and I, both kind of made a point to go a little crazy with Beta installs <hes>, and we've been using them now for a weekend. I thought it'd be fun to report how these features are working and. And given. This is Betas with some of this stuff could change, but you know. Let's kind of dive in deep on it I will say you've gone a little deeper than I have so the pool right I'm swimming in the pool. You did a cannonball from the top of your house into the deep end. Oh, I did I. Did I I wrote a post in the payers forum saying Hey Steven I've gone a little crazy with the bait. If you've got questions, let us know and a team. Oh, wrote crazy like install watch os Beta. And <hes> one of us did I'll give you one guess. Not, me. Like I had actually Rosemary. <hes> went in that pool I I said well. Did you watch blow up anything? She says well when I wash my hands at once crash, but otherwise it's been fine, and like you know it and also I feel kind of cavalier this year because I'm home, not traveling. <hes> if if my phone gets to messed up I can always unwind. The Beta I'm. Home doesn't matter that much so I. I didn't feel that bad about it, so so let's just <hes>. Let's list the devices right <hes>. What have you got? The BETAS installed on, so I've got the Beta on a external SSD that. I'm booting my macbook pro from I, need my fro some later this year, so I'm not willing to put the bait on at directly yet. And running it on my I've had many other. My leverage IPAD PRO is probably going to succumb to it. By the time this episode comes out <hes> out of my phone, and the definitely not my Mac pro <hes>. The this machine is where I make my living, and it will stay on Catalina for some time, but yes. I'm playing with it kind of getting my. Getting in the pool. I spent more time with it on the Max I've got thoughts around that, but. I want to get back. Somebody said a second ago. The interest in Beta cycle is way higher than it normally feels like. And maybe that's because a lot of people aren't home. Life's a little bit slower now. It's because like big Sur in particular is a huge change having we just on your iphone. Who Change like there's a lot of things that are really attractive about these Betas. Wherein some years it's like yeah, it's better, but you know. You can live without it for three more months. Some of the stuff people want to really experience now. Yeah, agreed. And <hes> and there is kind of some themes to these Betas as we go through it. In the show today I started with the Beta on my is because I have two IPAD pros because I'm that guy so I started with a on the big IPAD pro and it was running fine, and then it quickly cascaded over a couple of days. And I put it on the laptop, so I had big Sur on the laptop in it on the IPAD. Then <hes> suddenly I had it on the second IPAD I had on my own. I also put it on my Mac pro because we have a the way. The recording situation is right now in the sparks headquarters. Has You know there's there's four people living in fifteen hundred square feet and <hes> so? My studio isn't really where I'm recording shows where my I MAC PRO is. It's where I do all the edits and all that stuff, but I'm not doing the recording there <hes>. My old studio has been turned into my daughter's. Daughter's bedroom, but we have an extra in there, and that is the kind of recording machine I'm sitting at it right now, so my fancy Mike and Everything so that one is not upgraded or or running Betas, but but but the all the others should Max. The to Max I own are and then a few days ago I. Put on the watch, too. Because I as I told Rosemary and the automakers. If it breaks, it's her fault. But it's you know so, I, I've been reading on everything. This one thing that you may have heard in the news is these are pretty stable Betas I. think partly because wwe came later. This is more like Beta or Beta three in normal year. That being said do as we say, we do. Don't don't know these. If you need to get your work done Yada Yada Yada Yeah. I, mean they're still developer Betas. At this point, you have to have a developer account. The Public Beta will be in July. That's when they're more widely accessible and usually in the past. At least it's been to developer bills for everyone public Betas so. Developer Beta two or three be public Beta one and there'll be a couple of developer builds and then. A couple more puppets, this sort of tiktok approach, and just because this Betas good doesn't mean the next one will be in fact very often. They get worse before they get better. So yeah, do what we say like. Let us take the pain and you know if you have a spare me, shake my head many if it bursts into flames, that'd be sad, but it's not the end of the world. Then <hes> yeah, I think it's fine to play with on that, but definitely out of production machine now something you need for work because you can this situation where the you know, it's always like the one happy really need the one workflow you really depend on. That's the one that's broken for months. That'll get you.

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