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You 265 seti Man. That point Tell you to 33 Avie golf or two, then you 290 B J. West Ham. It's eight o'clock. Good morning. I'm Chris strengthen the strongest storm to hit Louisiana in decades. That's coming up. First update The roads hears Daniela Dorsey from the Maas Nissan Traffic Center earlier accident on I four. Going eastbound at Po Park Way has now been moved off toward the left shoulder. Just continue to stay alert here. This Tropic Port is sponsored by Del When you talk to Adele Technologies Advisor, you get someone who understands there's an art to listening and could provide small business solutions that make you feel truly heard for solutions Powered by Intel v. Pro platform calling advisor today. 877 Ask Del Daniella Dorsey news radio Wofl, eh? Ah, 40% chance of afternoon thunderstorms. Otherwise, it is hot and humid with a high of 93 degrees. It's 81 degrees at news radio. Fella. Hurricane Laura roared ashore early this morning as a Category four storm, bringing with a devastating storm surge and crushing winds of around 150 MPH. It hit in Louisiana, despite repeated warnings from the National Hurricane Center about the deadly nature of the storm is believed many people did not evacuate when it's safe. Teams from across the South will move into the destruction zone to try and find those people who didn't evacuate. We have one of the best swift water rescue outfits, probably in the country to Orleans. Homeland Security Chief Colin Arnold says his team is helping out Governor John Bell. Edwards tells us we're going to obviously pray for the best. He knows with the hurricane center Using terms like Unsurvivable Storm surge what they find Maybe Graham, Dave Cohen for CBS.

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