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No wrong accosted called him courageous brave strong for standing up on exactly the same issue the kardashian was standing up for yesterday with president trump prison reform here we go and here we go again this is going to be the big one the big one tbs and the show full frontal with samantha b miss be called ivanka trump a name that begins with c a four letter name that is often used in the obscene description of female genitalia he knows this is an awful word you know what word i'm talking about it it's the most degrading terrible thing you can call a female in my book that c word samantha b called ivanka trump affects lewis a feckless yeah here we go will she be fired will fullfrontal be cancelled we'll all of the people who work on that program be fired here comes the supreme test of the network media and that a level playing field the collective silence by the collective media and the the left is appalling time warner time warner must reach the same decision the disney and abc did if they don't then we know this his war every one of us every one of us would agree this comment carries much more vitriol much more power packed obscenity than roseanne's tweet this is going to be a big big story amongst us i say us because you know the socalled mainstream media is gonna push this story assigned they're not going to touch it with a ten foot pole she would as far she samantha b as telling he vodka trump to put on something low in seductive to speak to her father about a political issue so here is the sick inferring of some kind of terrible father daughter sexual relationship what are you gonna do about a time warner the c word and incest in the.

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