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A thing on all this i mean i don't want to say much ado about nothing but it is kinda that well it is because she companies and in the ainu corrupt college basketball coaches and dudes go for you know different things getting paid and paying their family on the side i mean ed manning became an assistant a kansas when danny manning signed will larry brown like who's the guy in missouri that's on cuonzo martin staff michael porter jr is dead is an assistant coach on their missouri staff michael porter jr and played a minute this year i mean that's it's been going on for ever yeah forever i've but but but here's here's the budget you about nothing thick intimate similar to the balco scandal if the fans don't care either into college basketball you not in college basketball either in the baseball you're not in the baseball who bert doorn performance enhancing drugs and hitting home runs people were okay with that it just didn't register enough for them to care and i think it's the same thing with this college basketball scandal i mean you got some you've got some a us real goons run round a college basketball you know getting paid getting fed off of the labor of uh of uh of teenage kids a very young men that's problematic but people don't care the public just does not care because they know that cheating a college basketball nobody's using were cheating just kind of his in is an umbrella term cheating college basketball has been going around for ever do the research will you silly back in the sixth well i didn't an and and and see the same line so goal sam gilbert plus so people don't care because it's a part of the deal it's normal but for me you know where where i go as the mean anything because.

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