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With all of it included from truecar and you show up to your truecar certified dealer with that information. So they know what you know, you know what they know and it makes it for much more. Confident car buying experience. What do you have over there? Chris talking three, no teams Rams chiefs-dolphins which will be undefeated the longest sixty one percent the Los Angeles Rams. Okay. That's tomorrow. Rams and Vikings right here in Los Angeles, California. I can't wait for that one really the week. Four contests are great. We'll discuss it all day tomorrow on Thursday show. Let's get to Alan Dallas here on the program. What's up algae here that hold craziness. I've been with you three years. Probably top five interview. Anytime Jackie Gleason comes, I mean, and a legit, Jackie Gleason story comes in and that the fact that boss Hogg speaks seven languages. John Schneider talking to John Schneider. That was great. That was that was awesome. One thing from yesterday, Richard. Yes, sir. Yes. Helping you do might not even be in his top twenty movies, Tom Hanks movies. I'm with Brockman one hundred percent how now. Thank you. How when was the last time you saw that film? What's the last time I back Brockman. Okay, good point that that thing you do. Al is a perfect movie, good movie. I've never seen it. My man, you know, they'll let can't lie how here's what you need to do, do your homework and then call back on this front. I will. Thank you, sir. All right. All right. You haven't seen it by the way I did throw up the Twitter poll. Steamrolled. My list was good. Okay. I saw five. Good. Well, I saw your top five when you did put that thing you do in there and to me, that's a top five. You're just you're just agreeing with rich. Just agree with that movie. Well. Will agree to disagree on that even though you're terribly wrong tomorrow, show Neagh in himself from the Walking Dead, Jeffrey dean Morgan hard. Seattle fan will be here in studio, and maybe just maybe that back from Billy Wyatt's back from stealing home autographed by Jodie Foster Mark Harmon, we, we wrap it in barb wire and hand. Just for fun, fun for photographs purposes and down. Maury, the general manager of the Houston Rockets who I think if everybody asked despite the mania of LeBron in Los Angeles, the team has the best shot at knocking off. The warriors is the team that had that shot and had asked, could not get it done. They had it. Is he spending time today? Do you think trying to get Jimmy Butler? What is going on with Jimmy Butler. Lots to talk about with one of the best in the business in the association which is back and heating up and week four begins tomorrow. It will be a fun day in our neighborhood day, Daryl, Maury, Jeffrey dean Morgan, and you work on getting another guest or to anybody else named John Schneider that we could book. I think we're out of Johnson. I think we're out we're out of time on the next. We'll chat on Thursday. This week on off the vine, Kaitlyn bristowe is in studio with her bottle of wine handy to talk to the latest bachelorette Becca cuff 'ring so funny because I still feel like my normal self from small-time in the soda. Can we ever want that like I should pay you not to take a photo with me like, you don't want that checkout off the vine every Tuesday and Thursday on podcast one or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Accuser. Number three. I'm Ed Donahue with an AP news minute of third woman is coming forward to accuse court nominee bread Kavanagh of sexual misconduct, heaven all says, he doesn't know who this is, and this never happened calling it ridiculous. And from the twilight zone, the Senate Judiciary committee also released the statement he prepared for tomorrow's hearing in which he denies sexually assaulting Christine, Blasi Ford who will also testify Kavanagh does it may to drinking with friends in high school saying he sometimes had too many and said, and did things that now make him cringe. That's the soccer megani. What does President Trump think of the latest allegations. Ridiculous. If the con game. The Democrats play this game is disgraceful to disgrace to the country, and I think you're gonna see it in the mid term. I think people wise to just a con game. The president was asked by a reporter. What's your next question? I'm Ed Donahue.

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