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Planets. Jad Van den it Janet that you're singing long-tailed yeah okay all right Hailey. We have some wedding news this weekend to mention. I am so excited about this. Okay I love you know. I'm I talked about the bachelor. I love love like I love a good love story. Love a good love story. We have have a great one to talk about because this weekend Mr Joing Lum and Fan Favorites Sierra Don Thomas tied the Knot Haley congrats to them. I'm I'm genuinely happy for them. Still thinking about this couple makes almost no sense to me. But I'm so happy about what makes no sense about them. It's almost like I don't know why the world from day one like. Why did it take like four years for this this to happen? I don't know I don't they just make no sense to me but I'm so happy. They found each other earn love and want to get married. Yeah Yeah so yeah. Congratulations to Joe and Sierra. Lots of great pictures from the JOE and Sierra wedding a ton one of the season thirty cast looks like was out there for that. So congratulations to one person from Bachelor in paradise who. I can't remember someone told. Let me and I can't remember it. Was Somebody from Bachelor in paradise over a graduates currency Dr France. So that makes sense. I think that's Joe and Sierra. So congratulations on. How many married survivors do we have? Haley is this a part of the top of my head probably rob and Amber Robin amber. These two yeah the survivor Africa people among Kelly. And so someone. Yes so Kelly Kim It's not Kelly. Kim It's Kim Powers is married to Alex Bell from the Amazon. There's the survivor China. Was Eric Hoffman. And Jamie do GIN Janey. Yeah yes and then. I know we're going to get dragged for this now that I opened this can of worms Nicole de la me in the cold of course and then. I'm Whitney winning Keith. Are They married when she was on that address. Okay all right. I wasn't. I wasn't sure if the to Oughta know has gotten invited so okay so with the Keith. And are there any other ever weddings. There has to be feel like. We're we're missing some. I mean of course. Lots of survivors get married but how many survivors have been married to each of John. John and Poverty Jonah Poverty. Okay Okay Yeah Yeah yes okay. Yeah to me the at least on paper the Joe and Sierra one is is way more easy to see than the John in poverty. But I'm happy I like. I like them both okay. I agree with you there. Station and Rachel Count. Well I'm trying to think they can't it. We're married on the one that John John and Jacqueline Okay I guess I think it counts. I think accounts. Don't you know you can meet on Rachel Apostle to drag on twitter Jordan. I don't think Rachel Apostles GonNa drag. Okay all right so congratulations to Joe and Sierra for all that okay we talked. It's a little bit about Nora. Nora had some great if not tweets then re tweets because this week Nora had the opportunity you too not just win immunity but also to win. PB and J. for her tribe Haley quickly weigh in on PB and J.. I like it. Yeah it's a classic. Would I stand on a platform for extra time for. I don't think so. Oh you would give you a jump golf like Nora. I would probably forget to. I think like you haven't eaten Ceylon. You forgot you're just excited you one thing I get it. Yeah the people. There would have remembered that there is a reward part of the challenge but didn't Jeff not even state that until the talented started. someone was out when he when he said that they were going to attach the reward. I might be wrong about that but I take. TB J. Person Okay so on Nora's twitter the of course. The great at Nora knows best one she had some interesting re re tweets after this past episode that Nora had tweeted or re tweeted somebody a person named own my days on twitter at Kalija underscore. T- nora dozen give a F. Word about that. PB and J. Hashtag survivor with a Gif of beyond say just sort of like you so you just put a hand through her hair not caring for got someone did make a point in the in the Patriot group that it was actually actually from a strategic standpoint. Even though I don't think she did a strategically it may have been a good thing for Nora not to win the challenge outright because he doesn't look like as much of a challenge threat going forward but I think she's just was was being nora and forgot but we got some again like amazing. TV Out of it. So it's worth it for us. Yeah she nora. Nora did not care and then also on top at that then she had another re tweet about this same part of the episode. Where Nora retweeted somebody else all is well? Add good life forty nine said no dean did not open his mouth to say that nor could have won them. PB and J. and and have the nerve to sound annoyed after he didn't Win S. word for them boy by ended Hansie. Dan Actually actually call her stupid and then she has a gift of a boy by fine I mean they should have lasted longer if they if they wanted immunity and they wanted their drive to win a reward. They should have lasted longer. I do understand in the moment being Being disappointed that again. Is it really great like a Gregg. But you're really playing a great social gaming or calling someone stupid and pointing out that they could have won. You think at that point you want to try to keep it as quiet as possible. I don't know but are the shady re tweets from Nora. Haley is adding to the legend of Nora. Absolutely this feels like quintessential on her good on Golan nor keep keep the shady re tweets coming because superdome salute absolutely if you can't say segment Shady Nora Shady nor retweets because it's really great then. I want to talk about another another suddenly spicy of twitter conversation and at least still funds by there. There was some talk about survivor. Goats about the you know the Goat Kentucky and the goat army going far into the season and in Haley of the Great Ron Clarke had something to say about goats and Ron Clark asked for future survivor. Contestant and Ron Clarke had said to the next crop of individuals to play at survivor. CBS Get out the goats. I we beg of you and and there seems to be some sentiment from the rest of the cast of survivor thirty eight. That seemed to agree with him. I Julia Carter had done the twitter Hashtag goat hunting. People wanted Seems like that. War Dog was onboard with getting rid of the goats but it it turned out that Julian Rosenberg really took offense to that She responded not all of us quote. Beg of you nothing about survivor as easy. He anyone who makes it to the end deserves to be there period. Maybe divisive should be if you WANNA be sitting on. The jury learned to play just slightly less aggressively. Do Do you think that we could see. A future. Season Haley of goat's versus not copes. I don't think we see this season but I think that all the goats would end up at the end quote unquote goats. Listen I would be so of moist choice. Supportive of those people and I agree like you made it to the end. You made it to the end for a reason like I think you should get some Kudos for that so the leave it there may not be how other people would have wanted to make it there but you made it there and they didn't so yeah Aurora. She weighed in and said again. If you're calling someone to go you're too who busy judging people rather than figuring out how to make it to the end. There's one right way to play survivor. Make it to the end. If you don't nothing else matters you lost. Yeah Yeah and like I feel like if you got a goat early someone else would emerge as the go like I feel like whoever is at the bottom there's always gonna the goat are perceived as the go Yeah I'm Pro Jordan. I think I would be If I if I played again I it would be like. Hey look let's let's just all take out the goats. Let's all go far. Boats I think is sort of a relative term I think A. Goat to somebody body could be a winner in a different situation and I think a good example of this is Spencer who got no votes when he went to the end of Cambodia however if he had gone to the end of coggin on he would've been a definitely a contender to win the game. So I think being a goat is situational. I think if you are if you're playing rate aim and you're able to kind of pull people long you get to the end with with other contestants that the jury views have as not playing strategically or not playing socially then. Yeah they're goats. You're you're going to get the votes but a goat is also someone who who can still your spot and it could be dangerous to have all these these people around who nobody wants to vote out so I think there's a balance. I think that there are goten survivor. I think there's some people who no matter what they do would have a very hard time winning survivor. But I also think someone there's people who could win one season and and have no chance on another season so I think it's relative all right there you go all right Hailey are llamas. There are a lot of bombers in survivor. Yes Haley Javid Whitson tweet it out. I might light also. Do this responded. Sorry Gavin Whitson responded to a tweet from Saudi named multi. That said GonNa tell my kids. He won survivor. Thirty eight with a picture of Gavin Gavin. Said I might do this and the TV will always mess up right before that. Final Tribal Council. So I wanted to ask you. Did you have any good. I'm gonNA tell my kids. Survivor means queued up now. Oh my gosh. Sorry no I feel prepared for this. Any goods gets me. I did want to do. I thought this was too hot for twitter but I did want to do one of two to one get a picture of of a my friend Dan. Liu and say I'm going to tell my kids. This is survivor Dan. I'm going to tell my kids. That Michelle Fitzgerald is the best ass. Whatever okay I 'cause I think she's completely underrated? So is that how that marks. I'm going to tell my kids. This is the best survivor winner. Ever and then picture of Michelle Fitzgerald. Yeah that's like I also had a survivor out. I'm young and hip mine is all around is unrelated. It's going to be. I'm GonNa tell my kids that this guy won survivor Amazon and then of course it's going to yeah picture of Matt Bonner filter. Yes there you go I feel like the rams yeah. I feel like that you could do something with Blake towels. -Ly I think there's opportunity for you to bring that back Jordan. I think so. I'm going to brainstorm this after we record. You're listening to this. They're.

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