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Covert deaths, a new declassified version of the U. S Intelligence report concluding that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Solomon often referred to his NBS approved of the 2018 killing of journalists, Jamal Kashiwagi, the officials saying that the report by the office of the Director of National Intelligence, Deanna In coordination with the CIA, concluding that the crown prince approved in likely erred erred, ordered the murder of Kashiwagi, who's washing post column had criticized the crown Prince CNN, NBC and Reuters are among those news organizations reporting that the group which had assassinated and dismembered this Saudi dissident, then flew to Istanbul on private jets owned by a company previously seized by the Middle Eastern kingdoms, Controversial MBS. But at the White House today, this question to press secretary Jen Psaki said. When they Talk that the president won't hold back. Will he be following up this talk with actions are sanctions on the table. E think there are a range of actions that are on the table. But the first step is the next step. I should say it's for the president to speak with the king. We expect that to happen very soon. As you know, we've committed to the release of an unclassified report that would come out from Deanna and not from the White House on. Of course, our administration is focused on recalibrating the relationship as we've talked about in here previously, and certainly there are areas where we will express concerns on and leave open the option of accountability. There also areas where we will continue to work with Saudi Arabia. Given the threats they face in the region. Well, hold up to the phone call. Is the king avoiding your calls? I don't think that's the characterization. The president has a busy schedule. The king. Obviously, I can't speak to his schedule. I'm not his spokesperson, but we expect the call to happen very soon. I think there was an inaccurate reporting about being confirmed when it wasn't a confirmed call. Yet if you have made clear that the president's gonna be speaking with his counterpart with it came with the Crown prince. But given the Crown princess role in the future of the kingdom, and that he is expected to be implicated here, why not speak to the person I expect to be responsible? Well, I think the president's conversation will cover a range of topics with the king. There's obviously A lot to discuss with Saudi Arabian with the leaders of Saudi Arabia, And as I noted, a previously noted the conferences have been engaged with his appropriate counterparts. The president will be engaged with his appropriate counterparts, and we're engaged at many levels with leaders in Saudi Arabia. So will the conferences counterparts here, But often he's teaching him about this issue that he spoke with him last week. They did a readout. I don't think I have anything more about their call from today's White House briefing. We should Point out during a September 2019 interview with CBS is Norah O'Donnell for 60 Minutes. Piece, the Saudi Crown prince denying any knowledge of Jamal cash. Augie's death his answers through a translator. The world wants the answer to this question. How did you not know about this operation about that? Some think that I should know what three million people working for the Saudi government do daily. It's impossible that the three million would send their daily reports to the leader or the second highest person in the Saudi government. Two of your closest advisors, who are accused of orchestrating this plot were fired by the king removed. From your inner circle. The question is, How could you not know if this was carried out by people who are close to you? The only doctors today the investigations are being carried out and once charges are proven against someone, regardless of their rank, it will be taken to court. No exception made. I've read what the Saudi prosecutor has said about those that are charged in this murder. And it's gruesome the details when you heard that people close to you and in your government carried out such a grisly murder, and that the American government thinks that you ordered it. What did you think I could be the godmother of Lord Coffee, Mother, Cutie. I believe what you mentioned is not correct. There isn't an official statement announced by the American government in this rig. Heart. There isn't clear information or evidence that someone close to me did something to that effect their charges and they're being investigated. But again, you cannot imagine the pain that we suffered, especially as the Saudi government from a crime such as this one. That from September of 2019 the interview available at CBS news dot com, and you heard the Saudi Crown Prince to a translator. Again the headline today a new declassified version of the U. S Intelligence report, concluding that the Saudi Crown prince did approve of the 2018 killing of

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