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Episode. It's a crossover with the skimmed from the couch team Carly's Aken and Danielle Weisberg the two women quit their jobs as news producers and launched a newsletter twenty twelve it was called the daily Skim and it became the fastest growing newsletter on the market since then they've built a media empire which now includes their subscription APP and video productions Skim Studios every day they reach more than seven million people Danielle and carly had us over to the skin headquarters in New York for the interview and they take us back to the beginning when they were two girls in their mid twenties trying to build the skim from their couch. I really enjoyed this conversation and it's an important one about finding that right co-founder that partner to build something with don't forget after this interview you can head on over to skimmed from the couch where Danielle and carly turned the tables and interview me okay you're the skim founders Danielle Weisberg and carly's aken Carly's Aken and Danielle Weisberg welcome to no limits. Thank you so much for having us for excited. This is weird to be on the other side of that well. I'm really thrilled old to be here at the Skim and we just did the skimmed from the couch podcast which you has asked great questions. You guys are doing a great job with the podcast. Thank you for having me. Thank you for having US coming on our show excited yeah me too well. There's a lot to get to you so oh I want to go back to when you initially got started and Youtube met in Rome on we did we you know start. UPS are very competitive and one thing that we win hands down every time is the origin story <hes> so we met in college in Rome we randomly were there on the same study abroad trip we went to different schools grew up in different cities and connected there <hes> and and then we went our separate ways after eating a lot of pasta and it was going to say more pasta or Gelato Pasta for sure <hes> and <hes> we reconnected when we were both working fulltime for N._B._C. News after college sh <hes> and we became friends as to people starting off in the industry and bounced around the same cities from D._C.. And York and wound up roommate's twenty five years olds <hes> in a very small apartment in New York City you working at N._B._C. and trying to figure out how we could stay in this career that we loved when things were not good in the media industry after the recession <hes> we started off being really cheap labor. We I learned a lot and then when we weren't so cheap anymore and we're starting to think about how do we really build a long term career for ourselves <hes> although we wanted it to be there there just wasn't a clear path anymore. <hes> so in a lot of ways is we felt like the idea to start. Our own company was safer decision. Did you like your time and N._B._C. or was it frustrating. I loved my time there and I think we both thought that we <hes> we had amazing mentors who were both still in touch with all the time from like intern through full-time jobs <hes> an amazing co workers. I personally like I loved Corporate America. There's a lot of people you like. I can't wait to leave or like a 4. I didn't have that did not have health insurance technically under their like freelance <hes> umbrella which is the way that you can. I think they changed it but it was a way to make it cheaper labor really so I did not like not having those things but I liked being a part of something bigger. I liked <hes> getting dressed up for work. I like seeing the talent like you like. I liked <hes> I just I loved being where all the magic happened and I think the only time that I ever felt frustrated was really towards the end of my time. which was you know it's easy to kind of? Look back in trying to diagnose yourself with like Oh. I was feeling this this happened but I think what was happening. When I look back is that something like within me had other interests and it was it was business it was is clearly entrepreneurialism and entrepreneurship.

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