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Skulls. Brian Calvert tells us this new stretch of roadway would actually have to new names before the viaduct was ever built a four block stretch of Aurora avenue near Denny was actually seven th avenue north near by property owners are pushing the city council to return to that name. Once the new tunnel opens a committee has already voted for two zero for the name change with one reservation. If you rename this entire stretch, seventh avenue north it's going to intersect with seventh avenue about a block south of Denny that could be confusing. So their solution that one block stretch between Danny and sixth gets a different new name in a nod to its five decade designation as Aurora this one block stretch would now become blurry Alice. A full council vote unlikely approval is scheduled for Monday. Brian Calvert, KOMO news. More of Seattle's most successful companies are sounding the alarm over the decline in middle income housing. Komo's Corwin Hake. Has the update you'll recall Microsoft step forward? I two weeks ago company, president brand Smith pledged five hundred million dollars toward financing for middle-class housing and challenge to other local companies to join the effort now regional corporate giants have attached their name to a report by a group called challenge. Seattle led by former Governor Chris Gregoire, Seattle members. Obviously want the entire region to be economically successful and continue that success. But they fundamentally also want the region to be affordable to all families of all income. The Seattle times reports, Costco, Zillow warehouses and Expedia or among the challenge. Seattle companies now calling for policy changes to relieve the lack of housing proposals include new zoning laws to allow for more density. Another. Idea would extend low income housing tax credits to middle income projects. Corwin hake. Komo news. Coming up on KOMO t mobile promises. A big announcement. During this Sunday's Super Bowl. I'm Kelly Bleier. What hints they're giving us. I and update on our AAA traffic. We check that every ten minutes.

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