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All right, more with former speaker of the House. Newt Gingrich is with us. Let me talk about the political side of this. Earlier in the program, we had a Nigel Farraj and CL Bryant. And Nigel. I like Nigel a lot, and he's a fighter. You know, Ever since Brexit passed across the pond and took him 4.5 years, toe finally get it implemented and get that accomplished and over the finish line and and he's doing this tour about, you know, America's comeback tour and he's saying, Okay, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Pick yourself up, stopping and angry and demoralized. Dust yourself off. The battle for liberty and freedom never ends and freedoms but one generation away from extinction, and I had quoted that to him. And the reality is you have been able. There's three waves of conservatism in the modern era. And that's Reagan. You and Donald Trump. And the reality is they could be 1/4 wave or Or re engagement of the third wave, whichever way you want to describe it, but it's based on an agenda. That's gotta be the Make America first. Make America Great America first agenda. I think it's simple. I don't think it's complicated. Okay, I'm actually an optimist. If you could buy an administration doesn't cripple the United States internationally. We will win a huge election in 22. We will win in 24. Because these people are so far to the left there alienating so many Americans, Okay? I just saw survey this morning. 72% of African Americans favor school choice. Now that tells us the entire Democratic Party coalition is starting to break up on. I think that's what we're up against. Is that we need to get through the next year And then next two years after that comes a foreign policy, uh, by frankly trying to find ways to limit The ability of divided by administration to cause trouble and to weaken the U. S in the world and that that's what I worry about. Most domestically, we're gonna beat him. People think that the idea that were systemically racist is crazy. They think they're having their Children brainwashed is infuriating. They are against policies that raised the price of gasoline. On. They realized that the hidden Biden taxes of inflation, I'm gonna lower the chatter living of virtually every American, so I think we do have a chance. He had much like Reagan. 1980. We're right. Reagan comes along and all of a sudden people figure out that Jimmy Carter really is a disaster. And the result is Reagan, who looked like he couldn't win and 60 and 79 wins the largest electoral college victory against an incumbent president in American history. On. It's because people just reached a judgment of judgment was card. You can't get the job done. My wife's going to get worse. And I need to be in a position to Protect myself and the only way you could protect yourself with the fire. Carter, you know when we have a caller in the last half hour, very interesting call and talking about the wide appeal of socialism and everything's free. You know, and our dear friend, we miss Rush, you know, had a great line about this. It's hard to compete with Santa Claus. But and I said, it's gonna take people thinking and getting an inch below the surface before you realize that the promises of Obamacare failed Medicare, Social Security of bankrupt States can't educate our kids of colossal failure, and they can't even maintain simple law and order. So why would you believe all these other new promises? But the reality is there is truth competing against everything's free. It's that sounds good, too many people until they begin to realize that first of all, it's not free, particularly young people need to realize. In their lifetime with compound interest. How much they're gonna have to pay because of the debt that Biden is leading them. This is this is this is a Santa Claus. He uses your credit card and use your credit card of compound interest but would like you to like him until the credit card comes due. That's remember one other thing, too, that these were all great point you're making. And you know, socialism's great Margaret Thatcher's until you run out of other people's money. And all right. Mr. Speaker will have you back again. As always. Oh, by the way, don't forget your podcast that people want to hear it. How did they find it? Just sort of Gingrich 3 60, I think also, I'm gonna be with you tonight. Okay, Awesome. Mr. Speaker will see tonight nine Eastern on Hannity. Fox News. Quick break right back. Your calls on the other side straight ahead. Afternoon. I'm Jim Charity campaign kickoff for the Alabama Supreme Court details coming up first traffic and weather together. 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