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The Saint Louis post dispatch is already celebrating has already congratulated the champions, this Saint Louis blues. Now, we're talking about bulletin board material all the time here. CBS sports radio, any sports talking to talks about a quotes from players already looking ahead looking pass an opponent and a like it's a time honored tradition. I think oftentimes, it's overstated it's one of those things that either people believe that it really has a major impact on the outcome of a game and people overstated or some people completely blow it off and throw it out and say, it means nothing has no impact whatsoever that no motivational angle that you can play here. I'm one of these middle of the road guys. I think it can be useful. I think used properly by the people in charge aka the coaching staff, and the invidual players team leaders and the like, oh, I think in jacket team up. Some I think championship to one game one by talent on the field the great majority of the time. But if it's really close between the two teams I would say you could say that's the case five games in somebody's gotta be up three to write. And most of the games have been closed Boston side, the one block the series. That a little added own little added motivation a little added energy could be the difference in a game. Yeah. The Saint Louis post dispatch kind of screwed this one up. And that's what is painful, if a player does it if he says something ahead of time if it's caused by the team? Well, then, that's something that's on that team player, this media outlet this eight Louis post dispatch screwed up. And if I'm the coach to Boston Bruins all, I'm, I'm putting it up there. I'm having copies made it's in my locker room when my players walk in and it probably starting to walk in about now they get three hours what a game eight o'clock drop a park. So sometime bright around now within the next half hour or so the Bruin players will start to make their way into the, the Saint Louis arena. All I'm I'm letting them know I'm using it out. Try anything I can I'm down three. To if I'm Boston, you use any tool you have in your bag to try and get your players that much more revved up and ready to play tonight. Made your mistake by disabled, Louis post dispatch. It'd be interesting to say forever. Screamed grabbed ends up on Twitter. I'm sure you can find it. You can see what has is written will, they change it or leave it word for word is, is and say, see, we help motivate the day to go up, and they had to go out and play and win it because we put the extra. Yeah. Good luck with that. If the blues lose two in a row man people be canceling NASA scripture into the Saint Louis post dispatch in Saint Louis. Like you read about eight five five two unto for two to seven Tony reports Saint Lucy's up beta. Hey, come exit the same thing to the Red Sox, eighty six y'all remember that put the congratulatory thing up on the board of chase stadium. Yeah. But it said they took it down to and the Mets way below become net. I heard you talking earlier about Eddie maple and secretary last race at Woodbine. Yes. Have you made electrically wrote him? In his race by on the car, right? I didn't hear anyone say that. She only Kombi Verona. Well, no. That's what I call a said. He said daddy maple told him that because secretary was so good. That day it Woodbine. He thinks he'd stayed at New York and it kept a religion New York to compete in a race on the same exact day. They had a choice, which race. They want to run a good. Vine maple was because it was the first time. And only time you rode secretariat said he could have won the race in New York, even if he was pulling cart. That's how good secretary was in his final race. That's what I call us at I hear now that cause saying Durant might play tomorrow. He's practicing you practice in today. We haven't got an gotten an update from practice yet. Why would anyone believe anything that anyone says about the NBA when they already said, Moni was out for the playoff, right? He was done out done for the same flight, the greatest player of all life here, punched the blackboard and broke his hand and play the whole finals would've broken hand and no-one no-one said a word about it even the Commissioner wants to charge. Bookmakers a integrity fate, right? Well, we'll if you are a better. What do you do? Just try and stay. Dumb and not try and find information. You're right. Sometimes information, his hidden sometimes information can be misleading. So you just say, don't pay any attention at all to any information. You got guessing. Right. Well, that's what betting is isn't it guessing yet, but don't say you charging people for an integrity fate. True. Well, you got to take that one up with Adam silver, they are we talking about Adam Sylvie. Are we talking about John Q public who tried to make a decision on who they're going to pick on any given side on any given night? Two different things Ernie from Tennessee's up on CBS sports radio Aaron. Make the the Saint Louis blues. Never been a really big off your fan. Of course. I was awaiting Redskin fan but who was he was amazing? And then I become I watched a predator because never dreamed of Nashville having a having a hockey team. But look before I get to that. Nashville is into running maybe for a major league baseball team. And but I wanna go back to the hockey deal pretty amazing, the St Louis blues during the year. They couldn't play their way out of a paper bag and now they're one win away from being the champion right in January. They were thirty first and last in the National Hockey League day, the least points of any team in the NHL porta potty rookie goaltender. He got hot and the rest is they say is history. It is an amazing story that probably being undersold to this point. One other thing I want to say have you spent much time watching trae young play with the Atlanta Hawks watch him last year in Oklahoma and this year with Lanta, he's, he's the closest thing, I'm not saying you Steph curry, but he's the closest thing to Steph curry since Steph curry, and he came a long ways when he first went there he had a little hard time adjusting. But he's just him, right? I would is his sophomore season. Second year is going to be even better than I agreed on that. Because he's a little undersized as was curry when he came into the league in Steph got a little bit bigger and he's still growing twos. I think it put a little bit more muscle and be able to do some things. But he's got a similar handled Curry's as good, not as good as Curry's a shot, light Curry's, not as good as Curry's. I'm not saying he's going to be Steph curry, but Steph curry is very unique player with a unique set of. Talents and skills, then you just don't see. Trae young hides some of those, they're similar you can draw comparison, not exactly the same. I'm not gonna do that the young man. I'm not gonna put that kind of pressure on them. And it annoys me when people do that. And then I understand the desire to what everybody wants a comp everyone to know how good a young player could actually top out, what is the highest high of his potential performance. People always overreach over grasp. I'm not gonna do that to trae young. It's just that the comparison the way that they played a game is there. And everyone knows has good. Steph curry is. And what Steph curry brings to the table? That's why I choose him if you're going to compare to anybody, I got some more details on this. Saint Louis post dispatch story, which was out for a period of time, and has since been taken down, as I mentioned, some people did grab it screen grab it already put it up on Twitter. It's a letter from blues chairman and governor Tom stolman, so wanted to co owners and the letter premature congratulate blues fans for their support of the team as a twenty first ever Stanley Cup. Here's a quote winning the Stanley Cup was a dream come true. Hasn't happened yet. He is used to the verb is proper, as you can tell this was written in advance knowing, full, well, it was written in advance was, it Trine come true for so many of you all of us will remember where we were what we did how we felt when the blues brought the Cup home. Yikes. You can't. You just can't let that out. I don't have a problem with the paper going to the blues and saying, would you like to do, so we can put it on, because it's the immediacy of two thousand and nineteen this is the world down, which we live. When I grew up, you had to wait for the morning addition to come out and it wouldn't hit the streets till five o'clock in the morning or five thirty six o'clock, whenever you're news. Play paver got delivered you had to wait till the ink dried on the pay per view to be able to read as in two. Thousand nineteen there's online editions to everything. So I don't have a problem with the blues being ready to celebrate through the media with their fan base as soon as it hits the ground running. But that's the problem with doing stuff on the internet. All you gotta do it one wrong key. And before you know it something that's posted. And it's posted before it's supposed to be posted. And yes, you've got yourself a bulletin board. Material situation. Gary match to it's up on CBS sports radio. Let you know, I'm a fan just like everybody in Boston. But let's face facts about something K, right? Sand is crying like crazy. I'm fifty six years old. And let's face the facts, going back to the big bet well into the seventies rock, stop them. Robots. The blue win and they win by welcome shock and robots, which is a little dirty and elopement again away and a lot of dirty. Let's face affects they deserve to win. But the thing is ruins fans that crying and crying and crying and Kildee. It's in barrister. I'm not crying, the blues plan rock them sock them. No. There there's no more rock them sock them in the National Hockey League. If you want to say, the blues have been the more physical team here in the Stanley Cup final Allegri with that it. They, I maybe we you and I have a different definition of rock them. Sock them you have your definition determined another. Yes, the seventies Bruins were rock them, sock them. That's, that's not the two thousand nineteen blues. They're playing more physical. And if you've got a problem with that so be it, but it's not Rackham sock them. But you actually agree with you get carried away. But I am saying blue the playing wall says they deserved to the series and. If they do that ruin fans crying like crazy, it's going to continue for months, but the bluish choke, the Bruins away, then it's gonna be frosting on the cake. All right. Join a game tonight. Bruins fan checking in with the fact that yeah, the Bruins have always been a physical team. Certainly the teenage referring to decades ago when Stanley Cup winners were more physical than the Bruins team that even wanted to Stanley Cup a couple of years ago. But that's always been part of the Bruins two teams more physical than anybody in hockey Bruins. And of course, the flyers from back in the seventies, the broad street, bullies fought their way to a couple of Stanley Cup championships. The difference is the Bruins have won championship since the seventies to players have not been a long time since the Stanley Cup hung in the city of brotherly love rock, sock them know that no longer exists in the National Hockey, but he can't play physical and the Bruins have been the more physical I- NBA talk into final hour. Matt Moore from the action networks, we'll be on onto. Disgust coming up game number five in Toronto between the raptors award..

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