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Know can run. The football chicago needs chicago. Uses in the way he should be used which is as a rushing threat. David montgomery will benefit from that In the backfield defined digs doubled his reception. Total in two thousand twenty compared to two thousand nineteen with sixty four more receptive not only lead league reception for recorded. The six most receptions history. Marcus you think digs is going to step up. Continue to play at this level or do you see in stepping back to what we saw at the vikings in two thousand nineteen. Step up for one option. And josh allen is on north sin and listen. They bowl understands the offense coordinator for the buffalo bills. How devastating step on the exists. Still opposing defenses and listen every week we were on. Nfl live waiting for somebody to figure out. How in the hell were they going to stop. Sniff on from wrecking the game. And guess what they couldn't and they don't do this either they'll fun digs stepping up once again and buffalo will be right there in the empire and to go play in the super bowl out of the. Afc bills know quarterback saw a larger increase until a qbr than josh allen. Last season improving his ratings over thirty points. Unprecedented went from ranking twenty. Four in total. Qbr in two thousand nineteen to ranking third this past season. We'll talk about allen will bit nina. You expect him to step up and play at the mvp level again So laura this is my first step down to me. I guess it's our only step back. But i wanna be clear. I'm not hating. I still think josh allen is going to be tremendous league. Took last season going from a below average quarterback in the nfl. I see seasons of league to being one of the five best quarterback survival. Mvp candidate was historically unprecedented. So for him to step up this year would mean. He's better than patrick mahomes like. That is the territory he is in right now. A lot of things went right for the bills in terms of health. And some of the conditions around him. I will say i am optimistic about him because they kept that offensive line. Those skilled players and most importantly brian able their offense coordinator wiped out for sure connor. So i still think josh allen is going to be a tremendous quarterback. I just don't think it's realistic to expect him to improve this year. Okay i'm with the k. i i had. I had to hear you because like he already he. He's shown that he can be lied. But to your point like. I don't expect josh allen to be the best quarterback in the nfl. Next year. but i do expect them to be an mvp conversation once again. I think once you unlock that ability to know that you can dominate in the nfl especially for quarterback and you keep that offense coordinator intact and you have your weapons coming back and there's full buy in from. Your friends is an organization the type of confidence there. Josh allen is step on the field with this year. we'll be more than he did last year. It'll be a tougher road though. Because i want to remind everybody. The new england patriots will not go silently into the night this year in this. Visit the miami dolphins based on what you're talking about. All the does at the quarterback spot could legitimately ball this year because their defense we look they gotta give zabi and our situation fixed and get his contract. You should be the highest paid cornerback. But that's another day and then the jets like the jets young. I don't expect them to have a lot of success. But you can't them lightly. I expect josh allen. The play great. It'll just be a tough for role than he had last year. Well it was remarkable. The chemistry that josh allen is defined digs created. because it wasn't a traditional off-season goes yeah right to be together but yet we still love each other so much. I mean that was really the they actually created their chemistry over playing video games together and having a big competition back and forth to each other. But when you think about david you mentioned. I think it's incredibly important. Everyone thought he was going to get a head coaching job somewhere else. They were able to hold onto their. How much do you worry about. Defenses adjusting to what debut did in what are some things offensively scheme lies that he could do to maybe counteract that on his in well. There's not much you can do in terms of adjustments to a quarterback josh allen who has an inferno arm and he's a threat to run the ball and has become accurate and then a wide receiver like stefan digs. You can shred both men and zone carre as as well as the rest of the group as well but what you can do defensively and you'd see some groups do this is try to compel buffalo to run the ball drop into too high and basically challenged them to do that because he'd rather give up those four six yard. Carey's then had a josh allen shred. You downfield i think for debacle. It's not about running the ball more just about having that as a change which was something that was missing in the afc championship all right. Let's do one more thing before we go guys. Josh allen had a little bit huck moment here with the i pit i. Pit is can sometimes be difficult. There he is. He's gonna throw out the first pitch. Toronto blue jays jersey on all right one two three got the lead kicked going up. Are you know what it wasn't that bad. Oh yeah it was a little outside. Hit the ground. He bounced it down to anybody. Oh no oh you guys are doing this me i yeah. Where's the video on mine. Yeah your pants. Ask this before. I knew it. I know i. I know we got this. Is adrian words out scheme. Check out my podcast. The world with insight and analysis on the top stories in the nba adrian forging ascii are insider extraordinary reaction working news the latest world an in depth conversations with some of the biggest names in the league. Thanks again. i'm good. Thanks for having me. i guess yes. Thank you always appreciate. You have listened. Subscribe to the wolves off wherever you listen to podcasts..

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