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Hey well put too much in the sauce oh and again we are still in san francisco in the middle of our west coast tore having done to wonderful shows earlier this week at the victoria yes fantastic shows fantastic crowd we've been totally beguiled by this jewel on the bay it really does feel like we're in that ray bradbury story where people show up on the perfect village and it's also wonderful and then they realize oh they're all martians going to kill us because we all know that there's some twists there's this there's some catch but on first inspection it's absolutely enchanting and by the way you are absolutely mandated to enjoy this episode because if we hear one word of negativity about it we are giving you seven live shows in a row yes only those no other content we're taking a fucking vacation joining us as our san francisco guests today is shanti shanti sean anti shanty sing who works at the attendance together and is he co chair of the sf dasa housing committee how are you good doing great glad to be here welcome to the west coast trap yeah today we're going to be talking about a little thing called housing you'll know it you many of you live on a big fan of housing also love urban development i think they go together really well going spectacularly some of you might have heard this but there's something of a housing crunch in san francisco.

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