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When i got into quest and we were really like we were having a managed cash flow and all that stuff then all the sudden i was like whoa this mass stuff is actually super important and it has all these weird do secrecy is about growth rates percentages how percentages change like that i was like oh my god if i had understood back in school that it i was going to need it in my life like this then i really would have paid attention but like even college i was like i'm going to be a filmmaker like none of this applies and if i had just gone straight into what i'm doing now other than the entrepreneurial angle of not wanting to be taken advantage of i probably would never need it it was only in that sort of period at quest just shy of a decade where it was like okay well now it's like really important in my life and i'm really making decisions around this so that's why i think more than we should be teaching like advanced mathematics and things like i promise you do not need calculus and i took calculus in high school that we should be teaching things that are far more practical like how to think self esteem problem solving you know how to deal with nutrition like things that really echo in your life yeah awesome so i just want to read a quote and kind of get your reaction to it every dean said every kid shows up at school as a question mark and comes out as a period was like oh man that's yeah that was sexy.

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