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Three one two nine eight one seven two hundred is the phone number and tougher text as well what happens when you're talking about guilty pleasure TV shows which ones do you watch that you feel a little guilty about next one of the articles the bachelor and the bachelorette you watch those right huh yeah I I I tend to watch them because all my friends watch him yeah I'm I'm not I tried and I can't get into it they just had the finale last night for the they did actually now they see more reality I can't it doesn't matter what version or installment of this franchise were talking about the ladies can't seem to get enough of that man or woman desperately searching to find someone special yes we know the guys are watching and might even be hosting their own viewing parties with the roads and plenty of tissues on hand I did I would go to a Monday viewing party yeah they're jealous yeah buddy of mine yeah I don't know I mean I'm I'm not I don't have a problem with dumb reality shows you know but I just couldn't I can't I could never get into it I try to watch and I was like wow I'm Diane is on WGN hi Diane yeah hi Nicole R. yes all right what's up I know you're good I had a good one for you okay the show isn't on anymore I don't think but that Teletubbies god you watched the Teletubbies I love that show and it's like a baby show yeah but I I I used to turn on all the time it is like it's just me it was then now okay the perfect situation a perfect world like a dream world and I don't know I just I just couldn't not what okay it was a wonderful show Diane watching the Teletubbies okay Diane thanks that is guilty yeah okay see you later bye bye I had to tell him he's freaked me out they freak me out I could I you know I'm sorry I know I never want to tell I mean I it's I've seen the number where the Teletubbies but if I would ever watch any portion of it I'd be like man this is just too weird I was thought it was just we really whether tells observer just really weird I'm so yeah I don't know the I don't know the Teletubbies aren't around anymore right they're not around anymore the they were in for I think around for a very long time I think they had and I have been a pretty good run the the Teletubbies but yeah they were this is just a very easy was too weird for me and I like I mean you know I'm not adverse to weird stuff as anybody knows who knows me but that was just like I get it just kept thinking that this is just too weird okay our next one here about the guilty pleasure TV shows is the Osborne's I why I love that show I loved it and it was well I mean it was he was huge it's a case of a show that was so bad that it was actually fun to watch and if it's one of the biggest hits in MTV history a whole new generation was turned on to the prince of darkness Ozzy Osborne not as a musician but as a bumbling reality television star who was reportedly stone throughout most of the series run his bratty kids in his overbearing wife made this the perfect car wreck watching a TV show yeah I loved it I love the Osborne's yeah I I I thought that she was great and when when it first came on and was it such a huge hit everybody was watching it I mean it was the it was the go to show don did you watch the Osbournes yeah I mean it was massive it was massive especially because I was living abroad at the time when it first started yeah and everything all the jokes everybody was just talking about these Osborne's and I was like a lot of people of that generation I did not know who I see Osborne was man like my parents knew but they just never explained it to me if they actually hated it when I would put it on their return off a lot because they were they were uncomfortable watching it with their just like this is so crude you should be watching us like we're talking about what two thousand one two thousand to two thousand two is windows RT was started so I was like eight yeah and I was watchin Ozzie Osborne go asin and blinded all over the place on on TV and I was it was censored but I knew I've got the the the whole series on DVD and they have the option where you can watch it on censored the beeps are but what what the some of the things that make it so funny you I watch I never watch it I got to DVDs and home and whenever I buy I pop on episode in its the censored version so much money that way because the beats are hilarious the M. this is this the incredible incredible amounts of beeps in every episode that's one of the things that I think is is makes it even funnier but yeah no I love I love the Osborne's I thought it was great I watched it it didn't you know I watch them I'm as guilty of watching it was everybody was back in the early two thousands when it first started is one of the few guys guilty pleasures on this list though plenty of females had no trouble looking at dreamy star Adrian Griner during their and his hang around friends it's also considered a guilty pleasure by some of the biggest names in entertainment sports who made cameos like Scarlett Johannson lebron James whether we admit to watching or not the HBO hit earned twenty six primetime Emmy nominations and produce the film twenty six primetime Emmy nominations for entourage wow I'm yeah no I watched entourage and mainly because it was only you know like a half an hour long and it was on before the wire that was kind of the only you know I had that that was kind of the only reason that I watch it was out you know I was killing half an hour before the wire came on so and then the movie in the movie was the movie was terrible I'm in the movie was Harel but entourage you know I thought I got to say I thought Jeremy Piven was great odds rush I'm you know there's there's not a very stretch it's not a not a very stretching performance for for for Piven playing that role but done other things about entourage that I that I enjoyed I'm I know it's got a reputation because it it's like a you know like almost every character in the show is a D. bag you know but the cameos were kind of fun I thought it was very funny on it I watched I watched I watched the whole series I watch the whole thing so here's Linda WGN Highlander hi how you doing man all right what's up I'm I'm my guilty pleasure this year is mass singer yeah I cannot believe every week my jaw dropped yeah we now listen don't say anything I haven't watched I now I have a I'm gonna watch but you're gonna love it I love the mask singer I love it I think it's great I've loved it since the first episode it's just it it's just what it reads it is absolutely the Illinois I kind of think that this is what this one is kind of the definitive guilty pleasure TV show and when she was the boss to check all the stars aside I think I really want to be on the show yeah yeah no I I love it I think it's great I think it's just Kenji on makes me nuts though that's the that's the but that's like that's kind of his job though is to is to make everybody nuts so yeah but my other guilty pleasures Colombo Colombo that's a great show I love that show yeah it's great all right thanks Linda hundred times when I could do the hundred mark gotcha okay Linda thanks thank you take care the mask singer baby I'm let's see two one nine says mmhm Hey Nick and Tom my favorite guilty pleasure show was ever would in almost ten years ago I got to meet the main actor Gregory Smith on the set of his next show in Toronto called rookie blue he gave my sister friends and I a tour of the set he gave me an ever word jacket which I still have today wow wow nice Kay says such a really great guy he shifted its directing on shows like arrow and Riverdale eight one five says how about the show yes dear oh god that show was terrible who was on that show I just remember the title isn't is a terrible show oh my god I remember him until about Michael Malley my horse right Michael Malia Anthony Clark Michael Malley got that show was terrible who were the who with who the women on it Jean Louisa Kelly and Liza Snyder yes dear it was on CBS then on cable it was stupid with the cast you would know by face but not their names well you know Michael Malek because of glee yeah and I know because he hosted a Nickelodeon game show called guts well he yeah he did host that well I like Michael Malley good actor yeah I think he's I think he's I think he's I think he's got a one which is up to now but yeah he was ugly here's Patrick and Alicia hi Patrick Hey buddy eight love your show manufacturer here awesome thanks man so I see the Osborne show yeah well you huge it just because of our age group everybody wanting what size you do walk out yeah all right and then there's as you Jack okay street channel that is why he and Jack just travel rock thank you yeah yeah yeah all my god yeah what do you like this is a place of darkness on quote right driving around and like cancer crap yeah right right seriously why would you have like a a brand new car bright red or whatever I'm kind of funny yeah H. B. O. L. D. she may have that show up outsiders yeah either outside or application basement yeah like is it the first out so that's it yeah soul good and then there is dead wood that is my go to from HBO yeah Westworld oh my god it's just so cool because what is that problem quite big brought it back yeah they did the what used to be it used to be it was a movie is based on a movie there was a movie called Westworld that's Wednesday I don't understand Westworld the show I understand Patrick thank you buddy thank you for the call so I just I tried once and I was like I don't know what's going on no mention of curb your enthusiasm you're talking about all the HBO show's producers and by the way this season unbelievably funny on B. leave a boy funny it's great but sometimes it is so hard to watch I love it Ainsley awkward Anya but Jon Hamm was on the last episode and he killed he was hilarious he was shadowing Larry because he was gonna be in a movie that was based on Larry so we should be settled taking notes the whole time absolutely hilarious okay Nick junior show continues we're talking about guilty pleasure TV shows three.

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