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House president trump continues pressing to reopen the nation's economy sooner rather than later the president again challenging health officials saying he wants the nation back to normal sooner than they recommend that people want to go back to work I'm hearing I'm hearing you loud and clear from everybody federal officials saying the reality could be weeks or months before that say ABC's Andy field the virus is not his fault but the lack of a lack of the lack of speed in responding to these things still still I you know it now he's talking about opening up you know the economy by by eastern Democrat Joe Biden appearing in a digital video chat with Jimmy Kimmel the idea you're going to be able to keep the economy going without dealing with the crisis we learned today what we have now over three million unemployment claims today I mean as of today is going to just keep climbing the house today will approve the massive two trillion dollar coronavirus relief fund that will dole out X. two Americans thrown out of work by the pandemic Richard Cantu ABC news how many jerseys first news five forty eight now here's New Jersey fast traffic good right out of ocean Amala counties along the garden state parkway north route seventy two you spend seventy eight looks to be a delay on the ramp from the seventy eight the south to eighty seven we're checking that out route forty six west bound with one lane closed at Market Street at Dover cleanup of an earlier accident with the downed utility poles and wires good across eighty if you want to try that nothing yet along route two eighty Hudson River crossings leaving New Jersey Staten Island raises a good Bob Williams the Jersey traffic north Jill Marnie Jersey traffic self we have everyone thirty closed in Pennsauken both ways from the cove road area through the Betsy Ross bridge route nine D. I. it stretch and that's all because of an accident and a fuel spill on the roadway you want to go with thirty eight or route seventy three instead New Jersey fast traffic sponsored by looking into by Wyndham celebrate your way wins with the state looking to including free bright side breakfast with fruit and waffles tonight looking to tomorrow you triumph but directed L. Q. dot com traffic every fifteen minutes next report six oh three a New Jersey won a one point five New Jersey won a one point five design five forty nine AM chief meteorologist dancer with her out the door forecast for this Friday morning we do have some showers and sprinkles out there now just a smattering of rain drops it'll clear.

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