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Well I, you know I wanna be clear we do. They are in and what they're not doing is differentiating between legitimate protesters and the troublemakers. The ones who are out there to do mischief and criminal damage destroy property threaten live. They're not defining the difference between those two and until they do that. Their protest is legitimate and the end of the story. It's just amazing to me that we elect people like this who are on the inside of the government now and they're helping. Create the chaos, Samson? What kind of effect is this having on the on police officers and also WANNA. Know what impacted this having on small businesses downtown? who were trying to reopen after the covert? The orders were lifted. Well. This is absolutely destroying all these small businesses James I mean they're struggling for all their work to to find a way to survive this thing. And now they're getting hit with these damages, and they can't have their businesses open it absolutely devastating, but the bigger point here that you just hit on, you know we had a from what I understand I'm hearing report that one of the Tucson City Council. Members was actually. With the the the people damaging property in downtown Tucson was actually out with them and we've. We've had council members here in Phoenix who have set out on their office letterhead statement saying Oh Phoenix police. Really reasonable measures are brutality and violence, and this is racism, but knox not done with this garbage, James we're done with it. It is time to take control of our country back. If there is a real problem and there is with policing in this country. Then let's address it meaningfully. You do not do that by lighting fire and causing damage and burning down at hurting people. That is ridiculous..

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