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That a credit freeze prevents crooks from opening accounts in your name, which he says can really harm your credit. Then when you need your credit, you can thaw your file, get what you need and refreeze it. And he says freeze your kids credit as well. Herb has a story on that coming soon, so stay tuned. Herb also suggests setting up fraud alerts with your banks and credit card companies along with doing regular check ups on your accounts to make sure there are no errors or transactions that aren't yours because he says the faster you jump on any problem, the less damaged criminals can do to your credit and good name. Ryan Harris northwest news radio. We reached out to MCG health for comment, but so far have not heard back. Your stock charts dot com money update on northwest news radio. Stocks finished a choppy Friday session narrowly mixed, though the indexes did not solid gains for the week. Seattle based MCG health is reportedly named in at least 8 lawsuits related to a data breach that apparently occurred in 2020. Let's see how time says the breach at the medical data company may have a given cybercriminals access to personal information of some 1.1 million people. Inflation has hit Costco's food court. Business Insider reports that as part of a national update, the warehouse club retailer has lifted the price of its 20 ounce soft drink by a dime. Yeah, to 59 cents. And boosted the price of its popular chicken bake by a dollar to three 99. Fear not the dollar 50 hot dog and soda combo is staying at a buck and a half as it has since 1985. That's your money now. I'm Jim chesko, northwest news radio. Western Washington offers some of the most scenic and challenging mountain bike

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