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I like a little facial hair too, but it has that more like the gristle like the wild frontier con. Exactly. Like he is, you know, using an old razor just in the wild and he can't sharp in it. So he's just getting as good as he can. You know, like how my facial hair is right now, just kidding. Exactly. Like him. Favorite scene. I think is gonna be the bar scene where like Davey and Mike Fink are going at it not well, I guess not going at it, but Mike Fink does the thing where he likes shoots the gun from behind him, hits the pan, and then like hits the glass on the Cup on his head in the Davydova thing where healing catches it in his mouth when he doesn't really do it. I love that scene because it was like, first of all, it was just the chemistry of Davy and Georgie like they were reading each other like so, well, David just say like, hey, cover for me in Georgie, just go like he, no, he knew that he hit that thing with SAS Brill in it. But like George just went and plugged it up for him so that they would think he caught it in his mouth. Fair. Yeah, you know they were out there making sure that they could leave whenever that whole little scene was finished. It was just, it was funny. I liked it. That was all you stole everything. He still everything I'm going to is my favorite picture though. He grew on me elected last, but he grow even more with this one. And that is my favorite scene. I think it's kinda funny because so Davey like pretends the catch it in his mouth and like wiles everybody. But then like in Davy Crockett the wealth frontier. He could probably pull something like that off against his older self, like he just things just come to him. He doesn't have to try like whatever he sets his mind to like, he's just call. It just happens. You know, he's very confident. I feel like that would have been like a real life thing. Thirty years ahead of time. I agree. Yeah. Well, I'm gonna go to because Meghan stole Davey. Of course, Dave was my favorite, but actually, Mike think grew on me in the movie. And at the end, I really liked him as a character like just because the character development and my favorite scene was actually when they were fighting in the water with the Indians at the second time in actually, my favorite part was right went on, Mike think was about, like you tried punching moose, which is like the. Mousse is like the lug. Guyane thinks team is, but we used to. Just thought it was over dramatic. So I thought was really funny. That was probably my favorite scene also the bar, but I didn't want to sound like I'm copying you guys. I need to quote will something else I did the cop out, but really that was my favorite. Okay, least favorite character seen least favorite character is gonna have to be like the head honcho of the bad guys who are like, pretending to be Indians. He. Scumbag like just a total scumbag and. Least favorite scene. I don't know if I really have. Okay. Let me let me think. Least favorite scene, I guess. I don't know. No, I don't have one I didn't. I didn't dislike anything that I watched in honestly, in this one like nothing made may super mad in this movie either. You know, like there have been parts in movies that have come up recently where it's like, oh, that super controversial. That bothers me. I mean, obviously it was controversial that they're white people imitating Indians to try and get away with crime. That sucked. So I guess just the whole concept of that was sucky, but. Davy fix it, like he does. David. Least favorite. I'm gonna have to go with Mike think even though he the girl, but his laughs made me wanna like punch him in the face. He probably just blew people's eardrums out. Will he blew my eardrums out when I was watching the movie so blame? It was kind of like a maniacal laugh, but it wasn't high pitched. It was just like a some kind of fake. It was. Yeah, he made think of like the guy that plead can't think of this name the pirate gun from Treasure Island. But like that was that persona was okay because he's a pirate..

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