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Lots of glass and natural lot very entertainment oriented Social Hassall where we can create lots of memories or lots lots of people if we were going to build this time it needed to be filled because there's only four of leaving. I've been spices was a brief and then the play area why from the sleeping Zayn so that was sort of the mind things and is that sort of stuff you you'll looking for is Tanaka in terms of getting those clues around what how I can design around that yeah definitely. I also ask questions about what do you do. We despair time like how are you. Are you outdoorsy papal people who you know you'll hang out and rape books together like do you watch you know. How do you spend your time together. There's a family. How do you spend your time of pot. because that often gives me clues about how a family dates there has to perform full them what storage they might need those kinds of things and then it's. It's you know D. Plan on the Bank of you living in this task that they're going to be something moving down the track warning. Pay Your you know how long the kids are going to be harmful. Will you planning on having any more children. and understanding how much the house needs to expand and then it's a minutes lots of specific questions about how to taking your kitchen what you want bathroom today like when you say lots of natural light and lots of glass. Do you still have out and fight across that. You need to hang on the walls. I like it's what kind of furniture you didn't put him. It's yeah it's it's you going rot ratner and then bring it right down to tile and you know over the hill zero because a six year old seventy nine year old they're gonna be tae nine just before we know it says nine points denying the fact that there needs to be simple separation at some imports so it's about looking around the corner of the hill as well definitely yeah and just saying how you can future proof has as much as possible so and really correct. That's the benefit of working as somebody who's had experience with working of lots of families have lots of different ages because I can and quickly somebody who's been in a career for while while they can say how about the performance people long term so it's really that case of being able to say that in and build that flexibility into the hyme himes can be quite adaptable adaptable and flexible even idependent objects in how they support yard long term. Mignon was the vice was before. You Begin second advised getting your designed advice. It's before you build so again. People Finish designers I can get built now. The stop sign many people delay the nitty-gritty decision-making until Sunday contract. I into and I don't know what it I don't know what it is because you never. GonNa be under more pressure to make if you have to make a decision during construction is usually because the building eight something onslaught tomorrow and chances are it'll come when you've got twelve things in your diet and the last thing you got time for us to ring around plumbing supplies as and figure out what Steph where you're going to have so it's like so for me. I always encouraging people to bring all of their decision making Ford and to sign contracts that actually okay have specified in them exactly what they want in their projects. Are you not signing contracts with provisional. Sam's will pay and allowances in them because what will happen happens. Is Your sign a contract that allowance went me enough and then you'd be paying a variation margin which is high than standard building margin on that item that eating saw to include down the track so the May it's that before you build stages of getting all of your approvals right it's ensuring that the cost to build is actually the cost of the House that you want to build or renovate. It's not just just an estimation and and that you've really pulled that team together in a collaborative white. Everybody understands exactly what's going on and just starting to you obviously having conversations revealed as if you haven't already been doing that up to this point and your saying who are you going to be able to trust with your project so the big ones tomato. I mean this is very might answer because mistakes pose wound is the forward planning because we're having conversations about signing off now. We'll let you know when united this. I saw you know full six weeks. Well full six weeks twelve weeks for someone to stop. We're ordering was taking longer than three months to be summits log so that that push the project add on the other big one we will cost plus route so what and then I was because also it's difficult making decisions wrought when John was John led the project and and so I'm sort of breath working fulltime in the business and she's making but a todd she wants to make the decisions procrastinating Saudi science. You can stay now. The project can blow up in bought favorite money so bad it is hard because the teachers can feel very overwhelming and I I think the side is something like fifteen thousand decisions to Mike when you building or renovating a hindsight and it's it's I mean it's there are loads because you obviously picking every single service service yeah and and so it's really but you don't want to be making that decision under time pressure because you because most of at the top you didn't lose the opportunity to have the thing you really want because it's got a late time or it's gonNa cost impact or it's. GonNa timing packs that each height sorry. It's getting that support who and help around you to bring that decision making Ford and I find that men and women handle this very differently and it is that a copy what together as if you're doing this as a couple to really kind of support each other through that process and how can you tame support you really well through that process but yeah I I'm always encouraging homeowners the DOC to your bill his contract literally with a list of specifications of exactly that you contract against against well yeah we'll go in and you know as a high level of trust with it but that particular bill that we use but even then we had the suburbs coming Indian on job brought so kitchen ability was a Sabi at flaws was sobbed and you know we got the flow said there were certain thing so up Nana on just because when you fix cross the exactly what mealy saying you you actually putting the specifications so you gotTa make those decisions vein gene and the white until you know the builder said on engine Mike Number Taller than the next four weeks Jain 'cause that's when we're going to be ready for that and then all all of a sudden they're now out of stock in Islamic united site but people Jason Fixed across contracts and it'll have like ten thousand dollars per kitchen kitchen. Actually one is thirty thousand dollars kitchen or it'll have tiles allowed but the tiles are three hundred three hundred underage than a at a low process meda from my actually want to six hundred by six hundred which costs more to lie in cost now force mopus night us sorry and all of those things the variation imagine usually is around thirty to thirty five percent so that and they will be billed as out there less than reputable builders who will price projects. Lar- Knowing that Val Beck what they need in the in the variations and as a high mind. It's your job to get yourself. Reformed unempowered anybody doing building renovation project. Get yourself informed and empowered so you can just not not full of people were telling you what one he but actually Nar aecom going in this is exactly what I want is what's priced and I know that anything that comes op is just going to be something that wasn't actually sample. in the in the process you quoted a initials pay sake and just explain what say means when you're looking contracts yes prime cost item and they just the different ways that S- allowances get into or or basically apostles of what get put into to a contract settled pace the automobile toilet all those types of things a provisional Sabu Bay the electric work and the thing is you can have those prostate your layby join something nothing like having a specification with Olivio sanitaryware. We'll let you tap wear those kinds of things all listed with brand names and those kinds of things against it. You know your electrical work. You can have a plan land. You're watching my APP and Powell up all bear so that an electrician when the quitting the job actually has something to officiate at least at Zachary what's included equated and that becomes part of the contract documentation and that's really essential has drawings in a part of the contract and you got something to fall back on should shoot somebody not doing what they're supposed to win their at skating skidding project their US zone comes out there who Zona High. I get all the specs everything ready and then give it to you and encourage you to be an iron Buddha. Have you come across associate. What what feedback do you have. I would never be an eye Nevada. That's and I'm an architect with almost twenty five years industry experience variance. I it was interesting. Actually something going through vague cat just recently where an automobile dealer who sold the property in two thousand and twelve had done done three projects through done various projects during the course of owning a property the people have the property at I bank had had it disclosed them that it was renovated by builders. I've had a a pre purchase inspection. That's cold up some belts that signed the contract knowing those things and and and then dive than put in a climb to ave cat in two thousand sixteen thousand seventeen on things that were post the normal day thick liability period that work that they believe is faulty and it's to the chain that they can't have found in five about the current artists against the on builds the chain of ninety six thousand dollars and its own abilities as much liability as and I just don't realize lost these and you can't outsource that liability. You can't say I had to build up this base people for example. They had to build a race. Property in this angle we had a bill to do that is that we used to the on on a bill us. You'll still the one that wears alternate liability. Yes you could count to say that but you'll go on. That's going to be responsible so I just yeah. I feel like there's some right and the thing is that the construction industry because of a lot of the stuff that's been going on lately with oversights structural performance high-rises and cracking on than limit will oh cladding is so much scrutiny on the industry in the CO performance in the cool on jeopardy buildings at the moment. I think this is just going to become more and more litigious and yeah I would not be paying. Arnoldo and I think unfortunately people going thinking.

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