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Public radio the time that was just about 11 30 AM baptizing goes sitting in for Michael State and coming up at 1 A.m. City or to lecture is your last chance to hear Patti Smith and conversation with Dan Stone. It's a conversation from October of 2016. She talks about her friendship with Sandy Perlman her relationship with Sam Shepard and she also seeing some Neil Young so kind of worth staying up for Coming up when I am here on KQED. Hello. Welcome to New ST Lawrence. Pardon James Cottle with you. This half had a man portrayed in a Hollywood film about the genocide in Rwanda is due in court in Kigali today. Also, second impeachment of Donald Trump may be over, but the row within the Republican Party isn't it's Trump versus Mitch on escaping North Korea in a wet suit and flippers. Can it be true? Find out off the news. BBC knees with Chris Barrow. Many thousands of people have gathered again in Myanmar's commercial capital, Yang gone in some of the biggest protests yet against the military coup at the start of the month. Long lines of people streamed into the city carrying the picture of the deposed leader on San Souci. Today's demonstrations are likely to test the resolve and obedience of Myanmar's army. New figures show that China overtook the United States in 2020 to become the European Union's biggest trading partner. The data show that the blocks trade with China was worth $709 billion last year. United States was lower at $671 billion. President. Biden has said they'll be repercussions for China over human rights abuses and has promised that the United States will speak up about the issue. Mr Biden said Beijing was trying very hard to become the world leader. It would be difficult for it to gain global confidence if it was breaching basic human rights. The UN's top human rights body has said it will raise the detention of the ruler of Dubai, his daughter, Princess Latifah, with the authorities in the United Arab Emirates. It secretly recorded videos. She accused her father, Shak Mahamed bin Rashid al Maktoum, of holding her hostage. North Korean state media say resource to the wife of the leader, Kim Jong Eun, has made a public appearance the first time she's been seen out in more than a year, The couple were pictured together. At a concert. Hands New Zealand's will lift a snap three day lockdown in the country's largest city, Auckland at midnight local time on Wednesday. The prime minister Justin the ardor and said she was confident the Corona virus outbreak that triggered the lockdown had been contained. And that's the latest BBC news. Fucking welcome to these day from the BBC World Service with Lauren's Pollard and James Connell, Rwanda, the US, North Korea and Libya is where the next half hour will take US sports. He's coming up to our Ross will fill us in on two big away wins on more bad news for Barcelona in last night's European Champions League action. Paul Rusesabagina was portrayed as a hero.

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