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Reach inside the patriots infrastructure and ballot. Check just deciding. He didn't like it and trying to basically make it like all right. If this is your guy. He's going to be over here. I don't i don't want him infiltrating my locker room. Almost a tj lavon talks about. You're gonna run my final and the challenge And that was the fork in the road by. I guess the question is he's gonna accommodate a superstar only so far right but you're competing in this league. Were basically every other team is gonna accommodate their superstar and give them special treatments. I mean it's way worse in the nba and the nba there. Don't you saw what happened with hard and in houston and you know what lebron was able to get away with miami in cleveland like when you have like a top seven guy you basically bend over backwards and give them everything you want. Let them secretly fi the private plane all that stuff. Now text the. He's never gonna do any of that. It's kind of basically. In retrospect brady stayed as long as he did right. Yeah you know with guerrero. It was it was. I think it was three things and guerrero was was one of them. You know obviously like their players who didn't know what to do because they felt torn between kind of aligning themselves with the brady system. And you know which was clearly trying to differentiate itself from the new england trainers yet you know who do you align with if julian edelman goes down and you're trying to win tom's trust you go to tb twelve or do stick with why the patriots and check wants you to do and then. I think you know brady's contracts. He wanted to play until he was forty five years old. The patriots wanted him to retire a patriot but they did not want him to retire at age. Forty five new england patriots. They just did not think that he could hold up and then finally brady. You know like a lotta those. Nba players and talk about accommodating superstars. He'd wanted more of a voice personnel and again calm and he told me once more coach and player but in reality he was still really much really player there and he told joe montana the super bowl year ago. You know they asked my opinion and then they just go do their own thing. And i think he wanted a head coach that would listen to him and it was a little bit more collaborative and bruce arians his life please. I'll halfway listening to you. Yeah you under even little stuff for a guy two thousand the sony. Michelle pack heading into that season. They're just they're just drafting these dudes. I'm sure he's getting no input at all but then the next year when they clearly need a receiver. And you'd figure like who's a better asset to like be there as you're testing out these receivers than brady 'cause i got an intel month after the draft when took kill harry where brady spent two days of them and i asked him buddy who was kinda connected to like. What do you think is brady does is going to help this year. He's probably a year away. I was like wow his circuit he's not gonna and it was right and brady could figure that out within twenty four hours. It's it's weird that they never involved that in general you know. It's hard to argue a six super bowls nine super bowl trips. So i say this is the all time nitpick but w- the weirdest thing to watch over the course of that. Twenty years was how resistant they were to just draft dudes who succeed with brady. The types of guys like the one time they really did it was the gronk hernandez draft but the troy brown deer branch types were always the guys he clicked with and yet over and over again bell. Check with take these like speedsters that you know where it's say. Even look at the the team. This year that tampa had woo. Who is he throwing in the super bowl. It was like it was g- rock on big plays. It was antonio brown on that one big when they when they had one chance to score touchdown at the end of the first half. He has certain types of guys that he likes and they would not traff those guys that i never understood it. Like even in the draft with Nicole harry the obvious guy for like match with brady was terry maclaurin. Like just watching football. The last two years like that's like a total brady guy. Little guy can get it really smart. Could figure out whatever and i think at some point. He got pretty frustrated with that because anytime they really gave him the toys that he could succeed with. It seemed like he succeeded. Yeah and i mean i i. We check is unbelievable. Talent evaluator you know. He obviously won the lottery with brady but he developed in very well. You know he draft another super bowl howard quarterback and garoppolo. You know the patriots might end up with three four maybe five hall of famers and e was responsible for you know a good chunk of down and but when it came to receiver. He had some sort of limes- fi there was never. They signed the they traded for josh gordon. They had made. I think twenty eight moves at wide receiver between the end of the season and the first week of the season. And you know you ask people why. And it's obvious because of the way they run their offense for every route is in option route and their conversion routes. You saw that touchdown the gronk kadam super bowl where he was running flag and he kind of inside. And that's exactly what it is that that routes not putting the playbook. It's seaworthy defenders covering run to the open spot. It's an iq test absolutely not every player to do that. And so yeah you know and i did a lot you know. Obviously the end of that last season in new england he wanted antonio brown and he wanted to hang onto antonio brown even after the sports illustrated cheese and all of the trouble that tonio got into that was an ownership decision to move on from him. So i think it's when you talk about brady bill and the personnel. It is both as cut a dry as you put it. And you know check was willing to go out there and try to find guys like josh gordon and antonio brown who pretty much worked well with brady but they just didn't end up working out for different reasons. Yeah i wonder like there's a fork in the road. Moment where they just take terry mclaren or decay. Benef- instead of nicole. Harry and they just ride the wave with antonio brown there. I think everybody including myself was like yeah. You gotta cut them. But brady didn't wanna cottam brady believed them and it was like. Let's just ride this out and they kind of overruled them. Had they not overruled them and you just had those two people. I.

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