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House leader, Kirk Cox GOP delegate, rob bell that a portion of July ninth special session be used for hearing on sexual assault allegations against Fairfax, we get more from W RV as Dennis Edwards. Fairfax bears. No political punches over what he calls Republican attempts to change the focus of an upcoming general assembly special session from gun control to sex abuse allegations until yesterday supreme court gerrymandering feet. Cox has been quietly pushing hearings on Meredith Watson, and Dr Vanessa Tyson's allegations, that Fairfax raped Watson. While in college and sexually assaulted Tyson in two thousand four now Fairfax says cuts is promoting an election year show trial while shifting attention away from gun control, and the Virginia Beach Mathis that left twelve dead and four critically wounded. Dennis Edwards, NewsRadio w RV a. The acting Defense Secretary. Patrick Shanahan has issued his own statement on why he won't accept the full-time job ABC's. Andy Field has details from Washington Secretary Shanahan responding to reports of domestic violence by his son against his ex wife and his wife against him, saying, it's unfortunate, a painful and personal family situation from long ago is being dredged up and that continuing the confirmation process would forces three children to relive traumatic time and reopen wounds. They have worked to heal President Trump's touching down in Florida for his reelection kickoff rally Quinnipiac, university has released a poll out of Florida ABC's. Serena Marshall has the numbers, the president may officially be kicking off his campaign tonight, as allies in the state host training events, Magomadov ups voter registration drives. But for the campaign that never really ended one thing is absolutely clear. Florida is pivotal aides telling ABC this rally in critical swing state is meant to add momentum with the chairman of the Republican party, saying, he can't win the White House without Florida, but of new. Poll numbers mean, anything, they currently show the president behind a new Quinnipiac poll has Biden, Sanders and Warren, trumping, Trump.

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