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See store for details and terms and conditions homicide in valley park on Brian Kelly came watch news time is channel for your forecast at ten OO six a suspect is in custody in connection with the overnight killing in valley park police say the victim was trying to break up a fight between a man and a woman when the man stand him it happened about two in the morning at an apartment complex in the seven hundred block of vast Avenue the suspect was arrested on the scene the state fire marshal investigating the cause of last night's gas explosion an apartment in Lebanon Illinois the blast happened about seven thirty in apartment above the Edward Jones investment branch of the one hundred block of west of Saint Louis street Lebanon police tell camel acts the writer was not home and no one was hurt but there was extensive damage to the building and several cars parked outside the former Saint Louis police officer charged with assaulting a protester who turned out to be an undercover police officer during the chase and Stockley protest has pleaded guilty thirty two year old Randy Hayes admitted to using on reasonable and excessive force against the undercover officer Hayes co defendant Bailey Colletta pleaded guilty to perjury in the assault to other former seamless officers Dustin Boone and Christopher Myers have pleaded not guilty their trial is set for December second veterans day weekend activities under way at the soldiers memorial downtown the five K. one mile running kids dash began at nine the veterans day observance ceremony is at ten thirty the parade begins at noon at Tucker and chest not heading for a high of fifty eight today it'll be sunny and breezy clear and forty four tonight then tomorrow sunshine mixing with clouds and a high of sixty two but Monday it gets cold we could see some snow temperatures will be dropping towards freezing twenty six Tuesday's high right now it's thirty in Edwardsville forty three in Saint Charles thirty nine downtown at the gateway arch I'm Brian Kelly KMOX news time is ten OO six regular man is paid for by Edwin financial services the views expressed on this program is not necessarily the views of the stations content is for educational purposes only consult a financial advisor or conduct your own due diligence of investing calls a pre screen in the show was pre recorded earlier this week Rick is with a woman financial engines support financial engines advisors LLC in the investment adviser that furnishes this program.

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