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If Cold spin. Kevin Bowen. Give it to us. KB from one of 75 the fan. Tell us about our quarterback. Carson wins. Yeah. Positive injury news. Here we go. Uh, person went back to work today. Three weeks removed. I need surgery almost three weeks ahead of the regular season opener. And, Yeah, he really was not limited. They said he would be. He did not take part of the team drills for about the first hour of practice. He did everything that starting quarterback would do and probably above and beyond. Only, uh, me, and that's through 30 passes in seven on seven girls, which is a very, very big numbers, so they kept them in controlled settings. No pastor or anything like that. For a guy that again have put three weeks ago. I didn't see any sort of hesitancy or Wow. You know. Oh, boy, I'm afraid to test it out. I mean, he was pretty aggressive in all of lateral movement. How invasive was that surgery? I mean, I mean, today, I have to put him under. Or was this like, Uh, local sort of thing. It was it was it sort of a big deal. Yeah, So it was local to Dr David Porter. Uh, they actually get Nelson surgery the very next day, and he's a guy that Tony Donkey tells the story about how when Bob Sanders came out of the draft, a lot of teams red flag. Bob Sanders didn't think that he would help him this issue. David Porter's I Trust Me. I'll do the surgery. You're gonna get him back to full health obviously bombed in family career. But you would have taken the Bob Sanders that the Super Bowl and become NFL defensive player of the year. So, um, yeah, right here in your own backyard. David Porter helped out and basically it was a fragment of a bone and I kind of from what I understand, and my medical knowledge is lacking to send away. It's like the operation game. You just kind of go in there. Lift up the little fragment. There was no look at the damage. No nerve damage Here. He is back in three weeks. So, Kevin, you said that he threw a lot of passes today did seven on seven. How did he look? I mean, I anticipate there's probably a little rust there. But how did he look? Yeah, You know, it's it's weird. His numbers. He was 18 37 on seven. That's 60%. It's not a great number by any means when there's no pass rush. Just like watching them out there and some of the throws he made and from the individual throws he made. It's like, Wow, I have to to go different talent and the two quarterbacks I've been watching for the last few weeks. So, um and I'm just being honest there to me. I was more concerned about workloads and effectiveness expected somewhere else. There wasn't glaring rots. But to me the fact that he did as much activity as he did. I was kind of like, Wow. Um, I mean, barring any setback, I think he plays week one. So let's hope right because in this past weekend, uh, boy that wasn't pretty. No, I was like Connect. Please just watch the Indy car race really have a lot of these guys go back out there. It was ugly Elegir needed to make a statement did not do that. Jacob Beeson was awful. Awful early on did bounce back with anything today It's probably the worst day. Training camp practice Still, you know, I think we're starting to be reminded of the ups and downs with the young quarterback, day three drafted quarterback. These are 4th and 6th round pick. For a reason. So I would say the return of not only Carson Wentz, but Quentin Nelson and Ryan Kelly to practice came at a very much needed time for the old morale. What was Ryan Kelly? Like the offensive lineman? Was he? I mean, is he back in full form, or I mean, what was he participating in? Yeah. Not full yet for him or Nelson, yet an elbow issue early in camp, so And again going to even those guys back into it. But I mean, the fact that both of them and I throw one set of this category if you're practicing three weeks outside of the regular season opener. Yeah, I mean, that that leaves you at least a half 1008 practices pretty intense practices. Need to kind of ramp it up and be ready to go week one and we talked about the schedule. It's one of the most difficult starting stretches to the season you'll ever see and I don't care what team and it's one of the public. Five game stretch is medical history. The fact that these guys are out there right now it's great news Kevin Bowen joining us from one Oh 752 fan covering the Indianapolis Colts preseason and training camp. So if Carson Wentz is ago and a lot of fans are crossing their fingers there The backup position wins has been known to be injured before. Has Jacob Essen separated from Sam Ehlinger? At this point? I think he has. You know, Frank Reich used the phrase yesterday that they're both in the same zip code. Probably go with. They're both in the same area code. You know, I feel like they are. They are brutally far away. But at the same time for me, Ethan, um, has been the quarterback that would give you a small sliver of chance. When against the teams. You're going to see the first month plus the people like and by that I mean, you're not beating the Seattle Seahawks in a 13 to 10 games, going to need a quarterback that makes him throws down the field. And really principles and some tight windows, and then you can have shown more of an ability to do that. And also, I know even through two pretty bad picks today, but in the two preseason games and calendars barely played a game If you add up all the all the you know, wraps and whatnot, and he's throwing three interceptions. Jacob Easton has played more than Ellinger and have not thrown an interception. So I think you got a factor that in as well as why I would go with East and over a longer Is there a K B? Is there a general consensus amongst among the players about the you know you have a short preseason in a longer regular season? Now, um like or dislike? Do you get a feeling or at some sort of consensus? Either way on that. I think I want to see their paychecks. It'll be like, um, but You know, it's In an ideal world that probably a 22 preseason games, and they've been 18 regular season game. Now, that might be a little bit too much. Four players, but we don't have money talk. And especially for those back in the roster, guys when you might only get one contract, you know you're getting paid a little bit more on that. You're gonna be all all over it, So I'm sure some players are thinking themselves four. That's a lot of football. If you go to 18 games, you guys only played 17 games. You know, these are all questions well down the road, But, yeah, I think it depends who you ask if it's the veterans. They're very happy with the shortened free season. Younger guys. They love another opportunity to prove yourself. Gaby.

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