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To leave seattle komo's jennifer sullivan spoke about that with a ceo of a local plastics company right now so to pay that tax we will not for thirty years jim parks says he's put his employees i a pension and 401k plan he even shortchanged himself during the recession to make payroll but he says things could change if he's ordered to pay tax on employees trump from someplace that would be coming from employee's but has got to come from somewhere park says he's facing a nearly fifty thousand dollars per year hit if the city's employees or head tax passes for days the head taxes made big news a raucous neighborhood meeting and ballard wednesday night and worker shouting down councilmember shamas want during her pro tax rally outside amazon yesterday both the result of amazon telling the city they're suspending construction pending the outcome of the tax book something parks commenced amazon four there was a shot over the bow i think it was well done my personally from what i've seen i've had those same comments made to me by other people it's about time the plan being discussed would only impact companies grossing twenty million or more per year to raise an estimated seventy five million dollars annually which would pay for housing and services for the homeless amazon the city's largest employer would pay nearly thirty million per year the tax proposal faces its first major hurdle at city hall next week with a hearing in committee.

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