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Be sure to ask you. How did you hear about us. Right in a r. n. So they know that we sent you and it's also worth mentioning that this is the The match that started the fire of jim crockett promotions. I mean jim. Crockett promotions was already place. That guys wanted to work. I mean it already had a reputation as you know. One of the hotter territories to be a part of and good paydays and good scheduling and good creative. Dusty rhodes is there and ric flair is there but now that hulkamania has really taken hold in america. It's starting to feel like the territories are becoming a thing of the past because this new rock and wrestling thing has taken on a life of its own. Wrestlemainia is here and on the heels of that. Jim crockett promotions finds themselves with one of if not the biggest television opportunity in all of wrestling with this. Wcbs feed and man. You wanna talk about timing. You're you're coming right into the promotion right. Is there going national for lack of a better word. That you're timing could not have been any better. I feel like you're a hundred percent right because there was a group of talent and i wish i had the exact dates in front of me but i can remember the guy's now jim crockett all those things that you mentioned had been in the past a very successful company at had went through a dip around this time in business Business was down a little bit because it was a rejuvenating as far as the guys were bringing any in a dusty taken over the book and he was starting to have flair and the the people that he was fine and the people that dusty wanted to bring in. It felt like to me. You could just tell that. There was a line drawn in the sand between the wwf in jim. Crockett promotions and Jim crockett acquiring that television. It felt like okay. We're fixing to go to war. And now like i said i wished i had this the exact dates. But you're talking about of a sudden you had the midnight. Express the rock and roll express. Yet arn anderson buddy landale The garbage came aboard during that period. And you had and. I'm sure i'm missing some some guys but you had a pretty good chunk of talent and a couple a month period. Go to work for jim. Crockett and you could just feel it. Insensitive in the woods new to blood and and you just knew things were lining up and fiction interesting. How about this manny. Fernandez is going to defeat arn anderson by q. Around the seven minute and fifteen seconds mark. When only anderson helps aren't double team fernandez on the floor during the bout oli who joined the commentary team for the bout said he and arn were brothers. The story at the time was their cousins. Anyway after.

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