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Of them and i think that sort it i don't know miss misleading i think to assume that john farrell's principle duty and all of this is to control the clubhouse and make sure that there's never any big confrontations that go on between a player in a broadcaster a player and a reporter or any of those other you know it just doesn't it doesn't seem like was was the club house totally out of control the tito not have control the clubhouse when many shove that old man or when meaning you is for fight they all had to do with many but like romania nucleus were fighting in the dugout and all that other stuff they add on odds you blame that on terry francona because if you didn't then he really seem kinda hypocritical blaming all of this on john farrow right now and by the way all of this there's still one of the best teams in the american league however i look at what the yankees did today and what they basically done in these last two weeks year to improve their team throwing in another good starter into that rotation which is what they needed don't get me wrong it's not like they had some monster of a rotation and now they added this pink ring here i mean they they needed sunny grey or someone like him in that rotation and they got it they added to relievers they added a power bad at third base they did a lot of things that that they felt they they felt they needed to do in and when i say they felt they needed to do it i i have to imagine from the yankees perspective they went in a real death spiral here before the allstar break they were really floundering and despite all of that the red sox never put that much distance between them they never ran away with with the al east they always sorted did what they're doing now this win one lose one never really advance in the standings you get couple a half games here and there on an off night or whatever but you never really you're never really crossen that threshold you never really jumping ahead in sort of separating from the rest of these teams certainly not the yankees or even tampere for that matter and now you see why that.

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