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Look it up. That's crazy watching it. I was like. I gotta google this movie because this is fucking crazy. He was in eighty nine. He was twenty not like sixty now. He still looks. They both still look really. Yeah johnny lawrence was All right he was he was he was. He was twenty seven and he was terri. Silver was year younger than him. While which is that's insane. Yeah but if you go back and like they put the clothes on ralph macho they have. His belly is like wanting to come out of his game. That's what's great about the ever changed. Anything still can't do karate. He's all in this series and kicking. Everyone's limping loose. Like the would have signed on to this show. I would have been like ninety x all day long. I would've been fucking doing baccio. Didn't bother just training training. Like he does for the john wayne movie name doing cycle zip code of quirk. Cbs always to walk up. Gimme the steroids. I don't need my testicles anymore. I'm in my sixties..

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