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It's monday november ninth. I'm mary regalado. And here's your local news from the los angeles times brought to you by the so-fi daily podcast reaching financial independence starts with having the right information every weekday morning. S-o-f-i keeps you up to date with important business. News stock market happenings and how they affect your financial life search for s-o-f-i s. o. f. I wherever you get your podcasts. Today will be sunny but cool with a high around sixty three and low tonight of forty five. Our top story. Coronavirus is stock in california again but experts say there is still time to prevent a third wave while the state has started to see a rise in coronavirus cases. The pace of increase is still far milder than the rest of the united states. A times analysis also found that the number of weekly coronavirus cases california has recorded recently is far below its worst week for the seven day period that ended thursday california recorded nearly thirty four thousand cases. That's about half as many as the state's worst week which started july seventeenth more than sixty six thousand cases were diagnosed then in business news. Several stores and restaurants inside disney california adventure will reopen on november nineteenth some include elliott and company trolley treats smokejumpers grill and fiddler pfeiffer and practical cafe outdoor sit down dining will also be available at the carthy circle restaurant both disney california adventure and disneyland however remained closed because of covid nineteen restrictions following safety protocols. The number of visitors allowed in the downtown disney district will be limited to promote physical distancing. I covering are required for anyone to an.

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