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Hall dot com. I'm Gordon Griffin. Acting White House chief of staff. Mick Mulvaney, says President Donald Trump is prepared for another government shutdown if congress won't work with them to secure the southern border while they need says the president does not want to see another shutdown and he doesn't want to declare a national emergency. But he's prepared to do either. He says the president agreed to reopen the government for three weeks to get Democrats. A chance to negotiate correspondent Andrew Stewart reports Venezuela has diffused a potential showdown with the United States. So then as Wayland government has suspended the demand that US diplomats leave that country. This comes as Washington called on the world to tick a side in the South American nation's fast moving crisis. Socialist Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro broke relations with the US last Wednesday Medeiros action followed the US recognition of opposition leader one Widodo as Venezuela's interim president a new chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee and a new year with a with new and high hopes what the panel will accomplish. This year, you're rich, Tom, South Carolina. Republican Lindsey Graham says the committee's recent approval of criminal Justice reform proves that this committee has within it. The ability to do big things long overdue at among the items on Graham's to do list, securing social media all worried about a social media platforms being hijacked by terrorists. That's not all electrical properties. Senator Tillis Senator coons have some ideas centers sass wants to make sure that we at ethically. You got a package of ethics reforms rich Thomasson Washington average in sheriff says a man suspected of killing five people in Louisiana was arrested when he showed up at his grandmother's house thirty say twenty one year old the coda theory at shot and killed three people Saturday morning in one Louisiana parish before going to his parents house in.

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