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From I witness news, Rhode Island declaring itself a second amendment sanctuary community. Town of West Greenwich is the latest to do. So following the example of Burrillville in Hopkinton? Has guns. But they got the right here have somebody down your throat every single minute. The council says the second amendment sanctuary status means the constitutional right to their arms won't be infringed in their town, regardless of what gun related bills state lawmakers passed this session, but the one counselor in West Greenwich who voted against the resolution argued the town is bound to uphold the law, we are civil society. The law is the law is and if you want to change it you change the people over at the state house. That's how it works. A similar message from Governor Gina Raimondo who is said opponents of gun related bills could lobby at the state house. But that's the seed from state law is not an appropriate response. Republican state. Senator Elaine Morgan is leading the charge. Needs. She's asked in her district, including West Greenwich to declare themselves second amendment sanctuary communities and oppose the governor's push for stricter gun control laws. The town of foster is set to take the issue and the towns of Richmond and Gloucester are considering the declaration during meetings next week. Where do you? So you're not even fuck this town, and you came here tonight. Why how important this issue is the Rhode Island coalition against gun? Violence says that this resolution would allow law enforcement to cherry pick the laws at obeys while the police chief here in West Greenwich was at the meeting Wednesday night. So I asked him about that he said, regardless of what happens his department will continue to uphold the law. He says this move by the town was nearly making the statement Goggin from I witness news Dunedin Naylor.

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