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Off slow. He's one of four two interceptions came back eight of nine to close out the half. He's got to be really productive in the second half. He's got to be careful with the football. Every possession means something now. And then I think if you're Washington state, it's how you finish the season. It's how you finish the game. And they were left with a sour taste in their mouth after the apple Cup. They did not win the Pac twelve north. They've had a great season. And they can get to eleven wins with a strong finish cyclones to receive the second half kickoff. The name. Back to receive standing two yards in Washington stated zone the crowd filing back in after an active halftime ceremony just concluded moments ago. And for Washington state. Jack crane. Left-footed kicker. Approaches the football since it towards the end zone. From his own one will return it out near side with a grace and a stutter step brought out of the twenty seven as we check in with Alex cordray ROY talked with coach Campbell. He said, hey, we might have lost you players on defense that were objected for targeting calls. But we've lived this all season long in that's adversity. This will be a great test for our team the second half. And he wants to see some other players on defense step up on the other side. He was impressed. Withdraw birdies moxie. He said he liked the way he responded late in the second quarter. He feels like his offense isn't a rhythm. But they just have to stop shooting themselves in birdie taking over for zap Nolan after one series against Oklahoma state back on October six. Cyclones went seven and one after he was essentially inserted into the lineup from right to left goes cyclones adopted, David Montgomery over right? Tackle powers is way. Across the forty ahead of the forty one again at thirteen yards on. I was stayed off. I think one of the reasons to be confident you have to really strong playmakers. One of them's David Montgomery. He's just a spectacular player. They're hurrying up here birdie farside, I receptor may by six four hundred eleven powder and a fifth year senior who started his career at temple L gained ten yards and move the change once again and the other spectacular player. Roy, of course, Hickey Butler the out with one hundred twenty four yards receiving in the first half. And you gotta get more people involved. Good to see eaten with the reception cyclones plus territory on the far hash of the forty eight yard line already looks towards the sidelines now will change the play. Call. Retreating shotgun, but Gumri flanks into Laputa to buy one four nation. Shotgun snap. Fires butlers. Open makes the catch with a twenty yard line. Four south there in Iowa State three consecutive blaze all picking up Chuck yardage. That's a gain of twenty eight. Well, they brought the corner. I thought they were double team lead hooky Butler, but the corner came from the boundary on a blitz and left Schuyler Thomas safety over the top on team Butler, and that's a match up that it's definitely at Iowa state's favor. Handoff to the Gumri back to the line of scrimmage brought down heart there. The twenty yard line Kuopio making his first tackle of the evening. It'll be second down and ten cyclones trailing Twenty-one and going back to that big gain Butler. It was brought Purdy who recognize the corner blitz and knew we had to get the ball to his white out as soon as possible that he did Butler now six receptions over a hundred and fifty yards more than twenty five yards per catchy leads the country in that category. And a time out called by the coops. Facing a second down and ten time out on the field as.

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