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But the interesting one here's Romney Malik for bohemian rhapsody because prior to seeing bohemian rhapsody based on what I've heard is that he he was basically a shoo in for a nomination. Could wind up being a front runner to actually win. Then I see the movie I fall in love with the movie, and I walk out. And I go update my goal derby rankings, and I take them up a couple notches, then all of a sudden, the general consensus hits the web, and that completely changed everything. I still think he is getting the nomination. But I think his chances of winning have been reduced to zero. If Romney Malik wins best actor for bohemian rhapsody and bohemian rhapsody stands at like, a fifty something on rotten tomatoes. Have have we in recent history ever seen something like that happen? Even if the movie hits the ones that making a ton of money and being a major crowd-pleaser I would have to go back and check the tomatoes scores for like the acting categories and actually see if critical response sort of plays a factor in and who gets now man who ends up winning. Yeah. I just don't think it's it's not his ears. It's Bradley Cooper's year. Whether he wins or whether Vigo when it's one or the other. There's no way. I don't think Romney Malik, Freddie. Mercury was going to top Bradley Cooper into stars. And I know that you liked bohemian more than the stars. I I I enjoyed Bohe. I mean because in the conversation with bohemian rhapsody. It's like I can't tell you guys that bohemian rhapsody is the best movie to hit theaters this year at this point in time. I can tell you it was my favourite viewing experience year specifically because of how I walked away from it. All right. Effect not prohibit number four comes from Facebook. Stephen grant writes in honor of Halloween, what would be the one zombie based film, you'd get people to watch. If you could only show them one that definitively conveys what's on bizarre..

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