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Painful on how bats think Couple of finns. Come in my mind how that being able to sit with that place has informed helped with your work go sit in with people offering the sacred space around that because being able to sit with your own pain but also everything that comes along with the pain and that's the first thing amount to mention and the second one know. I told you in our emails very dear friend of mine died recently and i knew beforehand. I knew on the day after he died. Because i was very very low and i went to london. Listeners will not. I'm talking about hampstead heath. It's like a sort of it's a public park space specific Looked after by has wildness. Mr and it's loved by everybody in those loans because it's beautiful and magical and being there for many years anyway. I went those beautiful day. It was like sambas warm but not too hot. And i found a little of woodland. Better stop live light. It was beautiful. My on this Log the i found a my heart was breaking. Am i could not stop crying. 'cause 'cause i knew gone but i didn't know he'd gone. I hadn't been given the news about. I just and i didn't know that was why am i just think i just couldn't stop crying on my couldn't stop crying and i just am i. I was grieving. And i didn't know bought a low. I let the tourists come. I think there was a part of me that wanted to resist that and wanted to get better. Because i thought there was something wrong with me and then when i found out a few days later that he died. I those my love. I'm when i spoke to other people at wake. They had very similar experiences because he's he was a very very loving. Huge halted charismatic man. Who was love deeply so of course people with no general main but it was that resistance. It's like oh. I've got to feel a bit vector rather than i don't know what time grieving but this is grave and to honor air unsold. This long preamble is about. I guess the relationship with being able to set an honor. Those feelings on how that influences You'll work this the thing that we want to talk about the interconnects surrender and the interconnections with being able to Set with our own pain and despair and how that informs the work you do yes. So it's it's interesting. How the work has shifted. So they're okay. There's my death midwifery side of myself which is like fat that fulfills so many things in that also lake has me Helps me live a full life and helps me Feel freedom in various ways. Because i most days i feel at peace with my mortality And then the other side of this. Is i practice. Intuitive eating in anti diet work so i an anti dieter and this is very personal. Like i don't talk about this often. interviews since we're going there we're going there But something that you said earlier. Kind of made a light go off. Rows like that reminds me of anti at work or intuitive eating You were speaking to.

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