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But I was like, wow, man. This is so cool. Did you think you were famous until you meant though I have? No. They are on a. No totally different level of fame. And so, anyways, we sit there and we had we had beer. Hours. We ate we talked. We talked like we were sitting on the front porch in my house. It was the best conversation. They are the most down to earth. But what did he want to talk about? We family. Okay racing. No. We just talked about are, are crazy uncle. And whatever just normal conversation, it was just as, as we had known each other for you know, before it's like we'd met before and beyond say was so nice. I couldn't believe I mean, you know, you just you, they say, don't meet your heroes. You know, you know, when you get the opportunity to be in a McKay could it says congrats on new upset them? But they, I was so thankful to head to head out opportunity because they were so down to earth and their icons, you know, they're they're awesome. You're doing pace court. Indy five I am. Yeah. Who, who was going to do that? Who is it? Roker Al L Rochow was going to do it. All right. So, apparently something happened with his schedule where he couldn't do it, and they call they called me. I'm going to be there. Anyways for NBC to work. I've never been in any five hundred and they're like, hey, would you mind driving to pace car? And I thought man. I'd love to feeling for our occur. And as long as the IndyCar guys are okay with it. Right. Because this is this is their playground. This is their world. Oh, they reached out you on Twitter. And that was very nice. And I, I, I would never want to disrespect those guys and I was so grateful that they were happy with it. And we're okay with it because it's a real honor, this is the big huge event for those guys. And, and I know motor sports and I know how big this is. And I know how it's a bucket list item. You know, I don't want know you something, you can't turn down when you get those opportunities. How would you have done if you got race? Lynn Lewis cores. Oh, I don't know. You know, I, I hate to say no interest in, of course, a very curious always curious about any kind of race car. And what they drive like, feel like, but I hate this soon that I would get in there and be great. You know, I wouldn't never assume that it's easy or would come so natural. But it's Stewart made it was as car driver. I. Okay. Easier to go that to then to NASCAR don't know. I you know there I would say that their cars are just a completely different discipline, and it's not something you just jump in and be great at. It's something like anything else golf or whatever you have to do all the time when I talked to Kyle when Utah if I've never asked how this, but Casey Cain. Kyle Larson all those guys that run sprint cars. They can't just go and run the biggest race of the year and be great. They have to run for months to sort of condition themselves and understand what's going on in the sport to be good to be good when that when that elite race comes through. So you know it's not something you can just hop in a race car driver. I run NASCAR. I'm going to go run the Indy five hundred and win or even run into top ten. I mean that shows you what kind of driver. Kurt Busch is excellent race. Car driver, one of the there's only a few guys that can go like, Mario Andretti. Tony Stewart, even Kurt Busch that can hop from different disciplines and be great at it. Not all of us can do that. I wouldn't assume. That I could do that. What's the best thing you do is apparent? Oh, well. I don't know. I, I don't know. I think I think I'm pretty good at it. Do do. Do you read stories Jan diapers? Like what what, what do you do? Well..

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