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Right i mean pizza is pizza is the best food you would still have to say pizza is one of the best foods but it's kind of an insult yeah see what you're saying if i'm coming from coming strong with that five star review we thank you all thank you chain very nice thank thank you for this review but i mean we're definitely against you but it'd be you gotta come you gotta come hard and say the all caps so my goodness yeah we'll keep it humble here thank you for your view shane mack eleven and you can leave us review on i tunes wherever you listen we always appreciate it let's talk fantasy football news news and notes from around the league apprising large amount of stuff has happened so i'm going to say they wave to talk about it yeah you have a number of additional free agency signings including the headliner is it really yes it is all right colts have resigned kristen michael to a one year deal when mike read this often the studio it was like late friday afternoon the earth the london mafi the animals outside when completely quiet to recognize the greatness of the woke one christopher michael see my is there any chance let's get to reality here is there any chance krista michael has a role in this backfield yes there is i will say i'm the eternal optimist for kristen michael but i would put it down about ten percent but there is a legit chance that christopher michael is the leader of this backfield with marla mac as the if it will i do think that if it was kristen michael marla mac and now is it they don't add anybody that chris and michael would be more of the first and second now back he would be the leader of the backfield per se but would you say henry out of indianapolis is everyone's expecting them to add another back through whether gonna zag jason hey maybe right to the woke one.

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