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Rape assault trick humiliate and silences victims despite the split decision Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance junior says he hopes the case sends a message about the treatment of accusers at rape trials the defense is filing an appeal Weinstein also faces a criminal trial in California a month after the helicopter crash that killed legendary NBA player Kobe Bryant and his thirteen year old daughter thousands pay tribute at the home of the Lakers the staples center in LA she was thoughtful like him it was so easy to love the NASA Bryant talked about how much lake her husband and daughter were guiding you they couldn't be on this earth without each other he had to bring them home to gather the couple have three other daughters the youngest less than a year old today the NASA Bryant filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the helicopter company Erica is listening to fox reliable dependable there's two you got it your top local stories are on Twin Cities news talk dot com Minnesota news network I'm bill Werner a state study group has released a plan they say will help reduce officer involved shootings in Minnesota state public safety commissioner John Herrington while this may be the end of the working group as a as a process the getting of the real work starts today as we begin to try and figure out how do we bring into implementation of the recommendations that the working group has cut brought forward that plan incorporates twenty eight recommendations thirty three action steps the full report will be released in the next couple of weeks to athletes of crown college in St Bonifatius charged with trying to sexually assault a fellow student one of the suspects described the incident as a prank that went wrong twenty three year old Michael Brewster twenty one year old Harvey Holcomb charged with second degree criminal sexual conduct in carver county District Court investigators say that too over powered a nineteen year old student took off some of his clothing and tried to sexually assault him forty years ago today the Olympic gold medal for men's hockey was won by the U. S. which beat Finland on a go ahead goal from St Paul native rob McClanahan and win at Lake Placid in nineteen eighty came two days after the American style and Russia in the miracle on ice clammy hands is the U. S. team of young college players showed everyone that hard work can pay off that was the greatest year hockey I've ever experienced in my life and those are my very very dear and true friends to this day it's a very close knit group you can tell when teams are close that's the biggest lesson I learned this is hi I'm Corby spirit and I'm Christina and we're with remax results Christina what our clients saying about working with us Kevin said we have now bought and sold three homes with the team and they have been wonderful to work with they listen in detail to what we were looking for in our new home purchase they also did extensive market research when we sold our home and help this list our.

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