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He was telling about healthcare the the price of prescription drugs has gone down that he's going to protect people with pre existing conditions even as he has a lawsuit to take away those protections some members of Congress walked out before the speech ended the visit of president front enters its last chapter a final vote on whether to acquit or convict will be held this afternoon John Laurence reports one day after giving the state of the union address president trump officially finds out his fate he absolutely unequivocally is guilty the Republican Party has the majority of the Senate and is expected to acquit the president on both counts the arguments of the house manager simply did not demonstrate that the president's actions rise to an impeachable offense this this is taken toward the president were largely split along party lines the Democrats decision was a mistake and it's only further divided our nation during a time when we need to be working together I thought that the evidence was overwhelming of how he literally held at bay to a foreign country a fledgling democracy an ally that had been invaded by Russia all because he wanted dirt on a political opponent some leaders say it's time to put this political saga in the past it's time to move on in a move on to focus on bipartisan legislation to help the families that we represent others hope to not see such a case again I hope history treats this episode as an aberration not a precedent meanwhile president trump's approval rating is forty nine percent according to a Gallup poll released Tuesday that's the highest it's been since he's taken office I'm John Lawrence reporting one senator has raised the idea of a censure vote against the president house speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer say they are not interested.

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