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Go after Osama bin Laden, don't go after bin Laden Shoshu as judgment on foreign affairs. Hey, one after an eight a hill. And he said he didn't go after Nita hill then about six years later without on specter said she's a liar. Now, he's saying you didn't go after Anita hill. He sells go after bin Laden, then it was success. And then he didn't he was in favour of Iraqi war, and it was against Iraqi war voted against equal rights amendment. The. RA? Now, he said is in favor of it. Talk about a pandering, lying politician. That is Joe Biden right there. Let's continue with Texas. Mike in Texas soon to become a blue state, I fear Mike in Texas. Welcome to the Bill Cunningham show. Mike, go ahead and Billy. It's good. Always hear your voice on a Sunday night. Plus, you can make a mill we've got a problem this country, you know, as much as I I don't get to watch TV all the time. But seems like five the only one tell us about these caravans of people coming in are coming in our country. This is a slow drip, drip, unveil to my point. I'll be what we gonna do. We'll turn around and a year. We're gonna have a million of these year in here. I don't think most Americans figure out for not having here or having a release America. You know, Milton Friedman said at thirty years ago, you can't ever developed country next to one fill the grinding, poverty and have no borders and a generous welfare state and says sixty minutes pointed out tonight that there's about one hundred thousand a month that tells me this year about one point two million come here illegally what no twenty-first-century skills. No inaugurations. No, medical care. Many are pregnant many have cancer to be treated and cared for by the American taxpayer. None of the skills from Central America wants native the American economy, those hurt most profoundly or poor white porous panic impor- black Americans because the wage Gaels are being depressed and the goal. Mike is the take Texas and flip it blue. And so if that happens, we're done. That's that's I've known that for you know, I live in Texas. They are flipped Texas. Don't forget forget about your second amendment. Forget about anything. Imagine a government with Bernie Sanders is the president. And CEO, see as the speaker of the house, and Chuck Schumer added the Senate may get rid of the sixty vote role in the Senate immediately. And this country is fundamentally when you have a candidate running for the presidency in Bernie Sanders who says he wants to transform the American economy what the hell with the economy right now while he wants to get it under government control. He wants to limit all the medical hospitals, all the teaching hospitals all the pharmaceutical companies get rid of the oil companies get rid of the all the auto workers all the miners all the truckers out of business. He's in favor of the new green deal. Imagine transforming the economy, and they give Bernie he's not a fake or a fraud. This guy tells you what he's going to do and I pay attention to them. I tell you Bill for America's doom and we've never seen a surge. His people never we don't. We don't know. It's just gonna do five or ten years. But before we're doom every American with an ear shot, my voice. Join me let's get together on the southern border. Let's help defend America. It's worth defending. Well, you know, I'm watching ice tonight, and they have about eight hundred agents on the southern border, but anyone point there in detention centers with those that, you know, in the good old days you avoided ice. In other words, came the southern border illegally you avoid it. Now, you turn yourself in because you wanna get fed. You wanna get house get on buses go to Milwaukee you go to Provo Utah. They ship all over the country. And then you go on public assistance and suddenly in five or ten years. You don't ever hearing? This is an Democrats. No the problem, but because they've made the equation that. These are future voters of ours. We're not going to work to save the borders and save the country to hell with the country. Let's worry about politics. Democrats are playing politics this thing and the media's let him get away with you'll never see the beast. The train coming up from Mexico with thousands of illegals anywhere on CBS. ABC NBC CNN at doesn't exist and only exist on FOX, this is a invasion of our country. We don't need diversity. We need unity to fight this together. Continue with more coming up in a few minutes is Karen Curtis. Live from southeast Florida about the.

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