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No i think there would be a set of values issues with that i might take issue with that but not on economic growth but it would dem's economic growth this is an attacked shift absurd and reputable this is absolutely crucial if douglas holds ican was sitting here studying at princeton under bronetsky the tool you furhman in halsey can have a lot of commonality in a lot of differences in political economics but both of you would agree that we are going to see a deficit expansion under these various proposals correct absolutely i mean i could have the heated argument as to whether tax cuts pay for ten percent of themselves twenty percent of themselves thirty percent of themselves or maybe even hurt the economy so much that they cost more than the headline cost i don't know any serious economist that would put a number higher than thirty per se and on the offset for tax cuts and that means instead of adding one point five trillion to the debt you're adding one trillions of the debt well either one of those numbers is bad and something we can't afford in the longrun apparently are surging stock market is paying for everything according the present at last night of the the dead will let let me ask you you're likely just about trade jason is that these conversations continue the fourth round of nafta renegotiation talks continue how worried argue that we're gonna see termination of that deal i'm worried and you know it just i don't think it's something that most of the people in the administration want but this one particular person who might want it and he has a certain amount of influence in his own administration and know some of these ideas like it automatically sunsets every five years so must hand to and to ending it adds a huge amount of uncertainty for businesses i think it might even be designed to add that uncertainty for businesses and and that's precisely the opposite of what you know the benefits that nafta accomplish rush i hear the chopper tom you got to go rosati house landed juice current on so much of former chairman of the prison council economic advisers i'm going to say this very quickly i remember when.

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