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As well but I think the Ghezali it'd be good to say he sprayed he's way like. Talk about red bull giving you wings get your bloody wing. Because I think Goslett Khalsa, he flourished. Once I know he was technically on Lauren to Rano for. Half a season he was there and then and then he was the appropriate but. on his own merit but and then you know obviously he's going to McLaren for our. So he's now properly in that system is not relying on on Rabaul to tell him way to go so. It's it's a shame ole moist that. Not, a shine, but it's like the the Haas eight I think behavior wouldn't have been. To to go a little bit of Assad ways move but you know that might be. Different sort of changes say new and I guess that little piece of security that you know he he's not tied into whatever red bull tell him to go to that said, could also tame room and say be. Absorbed why pay driver we'll touch on that another time? then. It's shame that Williams doing that because you can't exactly go there and and and really grow that Tame. and. The only other spot if ironically, if icon is still under pressure renos probably the next best. Safety. Him. But I don't say that one happening and I would not to say that one either on my call. You got a lot of tapes going on different leagues. Look. Perez, who could potentially be up album drive it could be in the frame. The room came out this week that he's well apparently he's management's being talking to Williams about getting there despite the fact that both Nicholas Latifi and George Russell have contracts next year. Acting team principal he was asked about these of course. And he's response was I don't want to convert fueled it someone take some nuance of what I say. So we're happy let's watch the rest of the market. It was not a very confidence inspiring response. Was it. When someone asks you will drive a zero remained the team next year and he cannot say, yes or no, it's very. SYJUCO Peres. Now racing. Circa July. When absolutely he was staying at the team right up until Sylvester middle side. Yeah. It's that would be a great shame I would lose. A little bit of respectful that entity A. I can understand why they would do it but. I feel I could be missed opportunity because I feel like Joel Russell has. Given a lot of faith into otherwise the quite frankly the worst team on the grid. If you look at it in terms of statistically in that sort of general pecking order, they were staying on the great. To, get screwed over a little bit. And and if that's the one is a harsh world but. for for George to. Effectively Guide now I have a contract with Williams I'm not going to entertain any other sites that popped up during that sort of we'd period in that I sort of wife of Dr Contracts. Musical chairs. Yeah you it would suck for him. To lose because we take the gallon because. The money involved, but that's fair enough to but for. A free man to. Georgetown continuously. Put that car a cute to where it doesn't quite frankly belong. Man Imagine. Is. Part of me maybe on the weekend. Is He? The whole process they can got me thinking if what is George Russell is in that car? Would he be giving? Lewis. Hamilton not. Not. A not a hard time but a little bit of. The. Yeah. I'm big closer than you think 'cause. It's for heap to do that in that car. Is He's qualifying paces unbelievable. Unbelievable. I don't really buy into the record he smashed every. Tonight because that's Yeah because he had let's be honest for for most of it last year and this is Latifah's first year. That's easy to do but man, it's not easy to get it key to on more than one occasion is in the season in that car, it just makes you wonder it makes you wonder and that would be a shame if Russell was the good next year, well, that wondering is part of the logic. If this is happening and Russell's responded saying, he thinks it might be Sergio Perez management trying to put some pressure on red bull to make a decision. So he thinks maybe there's nothing to this but from the perspective, you can kind of understand it not just from the money angle. Because of course, I'd love some more cash to build up these tamed try and restore it. But also when you think about it, George Russell is a Mercedes junior I reckon within two years he's going to be out of that team Williams will have again invested maybe not paid for it or not paying from the situation is but we'll have invested their time in drive the day won't get to capitalize on when they hope they call be much better in the next couple of years whereas Sergio Perez probably be the last chapter of his career. If he goes there are might not be. But you know he spending time to build up that team for him to. Let's say win with that team but potentially who knows it's GonNa happen new rules. So you can kind of see the logic there. If your you know the new onus coming in with ambitions to make say great team again that you don't necessarily want. Partnering the Guy Who's kind of for the money with no disrespect to Nicholas the safety with a guy who is definitely gonNA leave your team in a euro to win with someone else that is true. True. But that's yeah, it's But I feel like he needs to bay that to to keep that momentum rawlings height George Russell too. Because we sort with with our NARCAN had this massive hype and Y Veran. Deeming took year off and he's come back. At now, people as of sort of joining dots together and putting he say under danger Phoenix, agents, I, that that. That would. That would be the thing that sucks but you know obviously with wolf being the very influential Mercedes man that he is, and and of course, Williams a very sort of Cain popped up of the Mercedes they Yeah. The the sort of nature mate in the middle a little bit, and if there might be some kind of incentive, but I would be A. Gust. Easily Gosh Wad. Russell easily, Augusta night. I would actually I would. I would be stunned if he was at next season couple of final moves in the driver market potentially I mean we know for certain that Haass's dropping Kevin Magnusson Andrew Mongrel on the end of the year this season it'll be grows yawns hundred racing every Dhabi. That's a nice round number to retire. And go on race probably in wbz Kevin magasins thinking about. Indycar with McLaren because there's no room they're currently. Haas though he's rumored quite strongly now, she'd be set to announce Nikita magazine. WHO has a lot of money? He's currently seeks to and Mick. Schumacher as their drivers for next season because now the word he's what we spoke about this in the last couple of weeks Kimi Raikkonen. He's going to hang around at Alpha reminder for at least another season and Ferrari apparently is inclined to give Antonio June third season because lightly he's foam has improved, which means only one for our junior will be promoted and that'll be mixed backup presumably. Home I said let's be honest and that'll be to Haas a team that conflict white suspensions too hot. So It's interesting times. There's a lot. Of Market. Stocks unusually stocks up if you bought shares in. Attorney Jv Nazi. And you held the faith. Things he'd. Been Julie rewarded if he keeps that Alpha may say because that is. A. I don't want to say quite frankly lucky to get to if it's not signed yet I haven't signed. Off. Like you said, a couple of weeks ago had quite frankly neither of them aside. So but that that. That ruby religious that is that is the case which. Is. Kinda guys like the. These yeah big. As like it's like a twenty twenty vision of Yano. Truly Nice. Have these nice I wouldn't touch one of the other major stories of this weekend before we move onto fantasy film in the beginning. This. Is the curriculum the coronavirus story believe it or not Lon- stroll. Had IT. He got it in you can get it in Germany but he had it in Germany when he quotes could not get off the toilet turns out. That was current of ours. One of them's I'm shading. That's my new favorite over at the moment shady. Depending on how you pronounce it that's exactly what he's doing. This was announced on Friday Thursday. I think it was of the Portuguese Grand Prix weekend on his instagram account later confirmed by the tape and this has proved quite controversial for several reasons I that he was not tested in Germany wasn't until he flew home on the Sunday. After the German Grand Prix or of the Gym Grand Prix that he was tested and was confirmed positive that was apparently according to racing point because of an unnamed doctor that he asked who said, no, you probably don't have current.

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